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APP IMPORTERImport Data from iPhone & Android Apps as well as BoxScores from the Web  

While we wait for TurboStats new live scoring system to be completed, it's easy to import data from various apps into TurboStats for team totals, advanced reporting, record keeping and data archive.

How it Works (2 Options)

  • Option 1 (Import MaxPreps file) new in version 17.0 or higher
  • Follow the instructions to create a MaxPreps file from your App
    • For GameChanger
    • Login to GameChanger at http://gamechanger.io
    • Select "Schedule"
    • Click on the score of the game
    • Select "Box Score" tab
    • Select the MaxPreps export button
    • Save this file on your computer in c:\winstats
  • In the TurboStats Game Form click [Import] then [from App BoxScore]
  • Click the [Browse] button
  • Select the maxpreps file you just saved (.txt or .max)
  • Press [Import] to load the game into TurboStats


  • Option 2 (Copy and Paste Full BoxScore)
  • In the TurboStats Game Form click [Import] then [from App BoxScore]
    • For iScore use the option to Email yourself an HTML boxscore from your app and highlight the boxscore in your email and right click and choose COPY
    • For Game Changer view the Boxscore online using a Firefox browser (Internet Explorer is not currently supported)
      then right click your mouse and choose SELECT ALL, then right click and choose COPY
  • Press the Paste Button in the TurboStats App Importer window
  • Select the team to import from the pull down list
  • Press [Import] to load the game into TurboStats
1. Select All 2. Copy
3. Paste

3rd Party Applications are sold and supported separately from the Apple/Android Application Stores

Apps tested and verified to import include: iScore, Game Changer, K-Force, MaxPreps 

TurboStats is not affiliated with any of the companies that produce apps.  TurboStats does not support their products, only the importing of boxscore data.  TurboStats App Importer imports data from the standard boxscore that most apps produce.   A comparison of all statistics imported from each app will be posted shortly.

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