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Features Complete Live Score ProSeries Platinum Ultra
Per Game Stats
NET Player Rating
Player Metrics
Advanced Metrics and Net Efficiency  
Multi-Game 5 Player Combination Reports      
Game Four Factors    
Defensive Points Allowed        
Per Min Stats    
Stats by Play Type        
Stats vs Defense        
Stats by Point Guard        
Shot Charts
Color-Coded Shot Charts    
5 Player Combination Reports      ✔
Live Game Scoring  
Standard Box Scores  
Advanced  Box Scores    
Advanced Box Scores with
Player Photos
Animated Playbook    
Practice Planner  
Score and Tag by Video
 (Local or Internet Link)
Sort by Multiple Video Events      
Sports Coding Advanced Scouting Reports New!      
Multi-Game Play Types  Breakdown  New!
Multi-Game Player Score by Period Filter  New!      
Multi-Game Scouting Reports  New!
 Gamecast Live Events with Video (Fans View Free) New!
* Requires optional Gamecasting Plan
* * * *
Extended Display Scoreboard      
Extended Display Shot Clock        
MaxPreps upload file support    
 Hudl upload file support
(complete with tagged events)
Optional Quick Score Live Scoring with onscreen Video Score      
OBS Scorebug for Live Streaming      
Links with YouTube, BoxCast or Turbo-TV for PPV      
Works with YouTube or NFHS Download Links      
OBS Scorebug for Live Streaming included        
Live XML Output        
Features Complete Live Score  ProSeries Platinum Ultra