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All New Advanced Metrics, Efficiencies and Four Factors

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Live Scoring with TurboStats & StatBroadcast

Intro to Live Scoring

Setting up a game, Subs, Shots, Fouls, Rebounds, Turnovers, Boxscores and more

Advanced Live Scoring

Metrics, Plays, Options, Defense, 5 Players Combinations, Uncontested Shots, Defensive Points and more

Subbing and Setup

How to Import a Roster Using a CSV File with Excel

Import as many players as you want quickly using a CSV file

Animated Playbook

Create, playback, step forward and back, multiple passes, screens and more

Practice Planner

Setting the Screen Resolution and Scale

Sample Highlight Video made right after the Game

Coming Soon

Scoring from Video

Creating Highlight Videos

Creating Animated Plays

more videos will be posted shortly





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