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TIP:  How to Score a game in Tally Mode

                (No Subbing or Tracking Minutes Played required)

When scoring games where minutes played and play-by-play are not important or subs occur too rapidly like at camps and tournaments, tally mode can help you keep up.  Here is how to set it up.


  1. After creating your teams in TurboStats press [Games]

  2. Press [Add Game] and then enter the game date, time, info

  3. Press [Live Score]

  4. Tap [PREFS] under the basketball court (next to UNDO)

  5. Select [Player Stats] tab

  6. Uncheck [ ] Show Player Live Stats, and Uncheck [ ] Show Player Photos

  7. Check [x] Hide Player NET Rating (since no minutes will be tracked)

  8. Select [Options] tab

  9. Check [x] Quick Click Statistics Box for +1

  10. Uncheck [ ] Automatically load first 5 players in game

  11. Close Preferences

Setting the scoring screen:

  1. Click [Stats] in heading tab above court (below scoreboard)

  2.  Drag screen to make it narrow so it looks like fig 1 below (you may have to tap [Stats] again)

  3. Use the menu [Utilities] and check SWAP 2FGA and FGA to allow faster shot entry see fig 2

  4. Add players into the game and score by selecting the player in the List on either side, then tap the stat boxes to increment stats by +1.  Use the + or - to adjust the numbers

  5. For Shooting tap 2FGA, 3FGA, FTA for missed shots and tap 2FG, 3FG or FT for made shots which increment the scoreboard and automatically add shot attempts

fig 1

fig 2

Limitations of Tally Mode

Undo does not work.  You can add or subtract stats but there is no play-by-play

5 Players Combos are not tracked

Minutes played is not tracked but can be added manually

Advanced Metrics won't calculate like Actual Rebound%, Possessions, 3pt Assists, Unassisted shots

You can't enter any shot chart location info