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Below are some of the most commonly asked presales questions.

Q: What is the difference between TurboStats Complete, ProSeries and ScoreKeeper?

The main difference is the ProSeries version can break down a batters stats vs right or left pitching, pitchers stats by right or left batting and fielding stats by individual positions.  Most ScoreKeeper users get the ProSeries version because ScoreKeeper automatically does the right vs left and fielding breakdowns automatically. You also get a practice planner, animated playbook and league scheduler in the Pro version. 

Q: Will ScoreKeeper work without a copy of TurboStats?
A:  ScoreKeeper is a live game scoring app that runs on Windows PCs and tablets, as well as on Android devices (with the Phem app). You can store unlimited games on your device (only limited by memory) and view basic stats right on the screen for individual games and ALL games. Without TurboStats on the PC you can print individual game scorebook pages and play by play reports but not seasonal stat reports. TurboStats is designed for advanced statistic reporting of up to 300 stats per player with Righty vs Lefty breakdowns (ProSeries version).  TurboStats also prints spray chart diagrams and allows reports to be created for conference, non-conference, tournament and other game types  If you are a fan, parent or youth coach who does not require printed reports or does not need to analyze performance data, you can use ScoreKeeper standalone with good results. TurboStats can be added in the future if your needs change. To see all the other features in TurboStats click here: TurboStats Features.  Use the back button on your browser to come back to this page.
Q: How does TurboStats and ScoreKeeper compare with competitive systems?

TurboStats is the original and first company on the market to provide live baseball scorekeeper software. As competitors come and go, TurboStats has been in business for over 25 years supporting our customers. As far as experience goes, TurboStats is the market leader. We offer real support, so you can call or email someone if you have any issues. The following is a list of features you should consider before purchasing any competitive software.

  • TurboStats keeps more stats (over 300 statistics) than the competition. What good are your stats if you can't break it down by righty/lefty batting vs. righty/lefty pitching. We also track fielding by individual positions.
  • Prevent your opponents from looking at your stats online. Why provide scouting information to them?
  • Faster Scoring.  About twice as fast as IPhone/Ipad /Android apps due to excessive menus and cumbersome dragging data entry methods.  A stylus beats the finger any day so you can watch more of the game.
  • Full featured products, not stripped down limited "BASIC" apps like some of our competitors.
  • Does not required a Wifi or Internet connection to create games or score games.
  • Keep all your seasons and career stats easily accessible on your device. Great for scouting.
  •  300 plus stats and spray charts. No other products track more stats than TurboStats.  
  • Ease of Use, Ease of Use, Ease of Use...just ask our users.  Quotes
  • Updates and new features added frequently. No other company has released more version updates for statistics tracking than TurboStats. We are on version 18.0.
  • Keep all your career and seasonal statistics on your PC. 
  • Color-coded pitch charting.
  • Color-coded spray charts.
  • Fielding stats by position played.
  • Spray chart data viewable during the game (and for all games that player played in).
  • Pitch chart data viewable during the game (and for all games that player played in).