Key Features

Uses Data from ScoreKeeper app (no import required)


Batter vs Pitcher

Pitcher vs Batter

NCAA Box Scores

Easy Spray Chart Reporting

Pitch Types by Count

Pitch Result by Count

Quick Stats View

 TURBOSCOUT  The Fastest, Easiest and most affordable way to Scout your Opponents...

Know your Opponent's Tendencies and Exploit their Weaknesses

Keep tabs on all the players on your opposing teams with our new TurboScout Scouting software. Designed to work with ScoreKeeper game data directly with no extra work required.  You get all this for only $49.95.

Score on one device and scout on another or do both on one Windows tablet (for details call 1-800-607-8287).


  • Uses ScoreKeeper Databases:  ScoreKeeper is required
  • Player vs Player Reports: Create Pitcher vs Batter Reports or Batter vs Pitcher Reports
  • NCAA Box Scores: Automatically create them for both teams (can be edited) and export them as HTML if desired. Uses TurboDrive to allow FTP transfer of Box Scores to any website.
  • Detailed Pitching or Hitting Reports: 
    • Pitch Types (fastball, curve, etc) by Count or by Ahead-Behind-Even (A-B-E)
    • % Pitch Types by Count or A-B-E
    • Strike-Ball-Foul-In play by Count or A-B-E
    • % Strikes by Pitch Type or A-B-E
  • Automatic Player Faced Data Collection: Select any Player and "vs Player or Team" automatically updates to display all players/teams faced. No time wasted making reports for player matchups that don't exist.
  • Select between Verse any Player, Team, Right or Lefty Breakdowns: With one menu click
  • Pitch by Pitch History
  • Full Graphing Capability: All Reports can be displayed in Pie, Bar, or Line Graphs
  • Spray Charts for any Single Game or Combination of Games
  • Works with Existing Data from ScoreKeeper: Use your data from previous seasons if you are currently a ScoreKeeper customer
  • Preview Games Before Importing Stats into TurboStats

    TurboScout is only $49.95 (ScoreKeeper app is required)  TurboScout is not currently available as a downloadable demo.


More Views of TurboScout 

Pitch Location/Pitch Type for Spray Charts by Zone
(Location View Requires User to Chart Pitches in ScoreKeeper)
This screen can be used to provide spray charts by batter vs pitcher or pitcher vs batter without charting pitches

Spray Chart View for Any Player(s), Game(s)
(No Pitch Charting required to produce this report. Works with existing data)


 Advanced Pitching Reports by Count
(No Pitch Charting Required for this report. Works with existing data)

Pitch Types by Count or ABE
(Requires User to Chart Pitches in ScoreKeeper to produce this report)

Graph Any Pitching Report (pie, bar or line)
(Pitch Type Graphs requires user to Chart Pitches.  Ball-Strike Graphs do not)

Quick Stat View
(Not intended for Detailed Stats. Detailed Stats are created in TurboStats)

Percent Pitch Types by Count
(Requires User to Chart Pitches in ScoreKeeper.  %Ball/Strike reports do not require pitch charting and work with existing data)

Box Scores with HTML Output


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