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Key Features

Unlimited Situation Files

Over 1200 Situations per File

Simple to Use

Loaded with over 800 Situations

Animate on Screen

Automatically Draws Lines and Arrows

Prints Any Situation

Situations can be Renamed for Printing

Situation Editor Save your field time for fielding...

Create and Animate over 1200 Situations and Practice Drills.  The hottest baseball/softball training tool ever created.  Already loaded with 1000+ situations that you can view and edit.  Train your players from your computer or projector if your school has one.  The prefect rainy day practice saver and it's free in the ProSeries version of TurboStats.  As seen in several baseball training books and videos.


Sample Situation: Runners on 1st , 0 outs, Bunt down first

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  • Animate over 1200 game situations and practice drills
  • Players can focus on their positions
  • Setup player positioning by situation
  • Simple drag and drop interface. Create, modify and animate situations in seconds
  • Pause situations at any point during playback
  • Automatically draws lines and arrows
  • Print to any Windows printer
  • Draw notes on screen for each situation
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • Can be displayed on a large TV, monitor or projector
  • The ideal rainy day practice tool
  • Share situation files with other coaches
  • Use to train your assistant or lower league coaches

"The Hottest Baseball Training Tool I've Ever Seen" -coaches at the ABCA Conference San Diego, CA

Included FREE with ProSeries

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