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Dual View Mode with Android or iPad and a Windows Tablet or Laptop


Simply use a USB cable to connect your tablet to your Windows Device and your ready to go.
NO WiFi Required
 Here are some suggested uses for this easy setup.



see Splashtop WiredXDisplay   $6.99 in your app store


1. Coach can view live data, game factors, +/-, rebound%, fouls, run time, etc from bench 
    while your scorekeeper works in the stands or scorers table on a Windows tablet or laptop.
2. Coach can enter offensive/defensive plays from the bench while your scorekeepers work. 
3. Second Scorekeeper assists in scoring.
4. You can control your laptop with your iPad or Android Tablet and score on it but a Windows Tablet with a pen is faster and more accurate and you don't have to worry about touching the screen.
5.  Training your Scorekeepers.


Also available for Wifi Viewing (you need WiFi for this option)

Best for Viewing Only

Real VNC App 

for Tablet or Phone to view

Real VNC Server 

for Windows PC running TurboStats
Best for Editing from secondary device
Splashtop download the Server and the app