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Support new Game Changer and CSV importing  (see upgrade order form)


Fix to the MaxPreps file export that was preventing importing into MaxPreps.  Also changed extention of the file to .txt.


Support for new team webpage format with fast uploading. New Box Score creator for TurboStats standard database. (use the Compile Stats > Box Score) See YouTube video


Support for uploading photos and now PNG logos through the new cloud drive.


New cloud drive that's over 500% faster and gets through most firewalls.  Works on phone hotspots too.


Updates to add triming of spaces off the ScoreKeeper names when importing (To activate you must turn on the Trim[x] box in the Import from ScoreKeeper screen). Fixed occasional blury startup screen on 10" tablets.


Updates the team record automatically when posting team website.  Fixed the Print button on the scorekeeper box score page.



Importing Game Changer box scores for Home team in new format. Change OBS to OPS. New options for importing career stats.  Fixes to ScoreKeeper box scores.  Removes cut and traded player names from roster printouts and website roster pages.


New TurboDrive Cloud check out for Edit option that track which user has the database out for edit.  Updated Game Changer box score import that handles box scores without a by inning scoring summary at the top of the page.  Also improved the Website box score output that is created from the GC and iScore import.


New automatic import of player Righty vs Lefty settings from the ScoreKeeper app when importing games with new players into TurboStats.  New imports the uniform number when importing new players from ScoreKeeper. Fixed error message popup when importing from ScoreKeeper. Fixed uniform number issue when importing new players from ScoreKeeper which displayed ~~~ next to player name.


New Master Schedule box score export with Excel file support.  (See Export in Game Form).  New Enhanced Box Score text/website format with additional fields in batting and pitching.  Text box score now moves the scores by inning to the top of the page.


New Game Importer that allows games to be imported directly from the MaxPreps site.  Improvements to the iScore importer and enhanced Web boxscores can be generated directly from the iScore, MaxPreps and GameChanger import screen.  See sample

New Team Website see sample