iconstatfilter.jpg (3806 bytes) The Stat Filter The easiest way to customize your reports ...

Turn on/off any stat. Select any game types (Conference, Playoffs, All, etc.) using our "Stat Filter". Click the tabs to change from batting to pitching, fielding or advanced sorting.  Create your own unlimited game types. Save multiple report formats. No other program gives you this much report flexibility.

Advanced Filtering by:

  • All games against any one opponent
  • All games played on any field
  • All games played in any weather condition
  • All games played from any date
  • All games played up to any date
  • All home or all away games
  • Any combination of the above

Other Features:

  • Turn on/off any of the 100+ individual statistics (300+ right vs left statistics)
  • Save up to 10 different report formats
  • Calculate batting averages over the last X games to show who is HOT
  • Create your own Stat Headings
  • Set your own custom Stat Order
  • Set the number of innings for your ERA calculations

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