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Find out why over 25,000 high schools, colleges and youth teams use TurboStats for tracking season statistics and compiling player, career & team historical records  
Optional Palm Software for Live Game Scoring
Windows PC or Tablet The #1 Baseball/Softball Statistics Program.  Helping Teams Win Since 1992 Coming in fall of 2014
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The #1 Stat Tracking Software 

Unlimited Teams
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Practice Planner
Custom Lineup Cards
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Used By:

Over 10,000 High Schools & Colleges like North Carolina and Ohio State

Thousands of Little and Youth League Teams

Thousands of Girls Fast Pitch Teams like 8 Time World Champion Clearwater Bullets

Thousands of Men's, Women's and Coed Softball Teams like ASA Class A Champions Lighthouse/ Worth

Pro Teams like the Reds, Angels, Brewers, Dodgers, Cardinals & Indians

Used at National Tournaments Everywhere

TurboStats is even being used by TV broadcasters live in the broadcast booth

Used at Pac Bell Park
San Francisco Giants
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The World's Most Popular Baseball Software
for W
indows 7,8, Vista & XP
The World's Most Advanced Live Scoring
for PDAs

Plan Practices, Drag-n-Drop lineup cards, Situational Diagramming, Computerized batting order and free Support Line!

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  • Create Player, Team and Career Reports
  • Customize Lineup Cards with Position
  • Fully Customized Reports with up to 300 stats
  • Color-Coded Spray Charts
  • Stats by Count
  • Print Fielding Position Diagrams (up to 9 per page)
  • ProSeries Tracks Right/Left Batting and Pitching
  • ProSeries Tracks Individual Positions Played
  • Email Stat Reports and create HTML files
  • Store your entire team history and records  
  • Import BoxScores from most APPS
  • Copy and paste games from MaxPreps to scout or store team records
  • Export stats to MaxPreps
  • Works on a Mac with Parallels, Boot Camp or Fusion
STILL THE BEST:  Blows Away All iPad/Android Apps
Score A Game With Half The Taps As Most Apps

NEW PDA's for 2014
  • View Spray Charts and Pitch Charts During the Game
  • Full Edit and Undo of Any Game Event
  • Tracks Fielding by Positions
  • Print Play-by-Play and Scorebook Pages
  • Import Spray Charts & 300 Righty vs Lefty Stats to TurboStats
  • Print Consistent NCAA Style Boxscores

view ScoreKeeper Page for more info

PC Software Available in 3 Versions
App Basic Edition
100 Stats plus 
Box Score Importing from 3rd Party Apps 
(scoring apps sold separately)
See AppImporter 
for more info

100 Stats plus, Practice Planner, Lineup Cards & Scorebook Designer
Plus: App Importing
ProSeries Edition
Same as Complete plus Righty vs Lefty Stats, Fielding by Position, Practice Planner & Situational Diagramming
Plus: App Importing
$39.95 $59.95 $89.95
existing customers can upgrade for only $29.95 
see Upgrade
Used at the World Series

Money Back Guarantee

ProSeries & ScoreKeeper Bundle for PDA
300 Stats plus Practice Planner, Situational Diagramming & Live Game Scoring with pitch charting
App Importing
PDA not included
Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP,Vista,7 8 Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Package Deals with PDA

New M500
Monochrome Screen

Outstanding for
Direct Sunlight

16 Hour Battery

New M500 +
for $
No PC Required

New M500
Monochrome Screen

Outstanding for
Direct Sunlight

16 Hour Battery

New M500 + TurboStats ProSeries, ScoreKeeper & TurboScout
for $199.95

New TX
Color Screen

Good for
Direct Sunlight

6+ Hour Battery

New TX PDA + TurboStats ProSeries, ScoreKeeper & TurboScout
for $299.95 

Stats, spray charts & pitch charts
No PC Required
Works on 32 bit Windows XP,
Vista, 7, 8
(includes IR adaptor for 64 bit)
Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Whether you score in a paper scorebook, need help scouting or use TurboStats ScoreKeeper on a PDA or score on any iPad or Android app, analyzing your data may be the biggest factor to a winning or losing season. Keeping accurate career records will greatly improve the recruiting opportunities of your players.

Endorsed by Professional Coaches, Not Paid Sponsors!

"We would like to highly recommend TurboStats as a perfect tool to keep records on all our players and opponents.  This is the greatest program for keeping stats during the game and updating after all games.  Can't say enough about what TurboStats does for us" - Ken Griffey Sr & Tom Hume - The Cincinnati Reds
Last year we won Northern California Div 1 High School Championship.  I went and scouted the team we beat the week before we played them using ScoreKeeper. Made up some hitting charts on each one of their hitters from ScoreKeeper and used them during the game and it paid off in the last inning of the game.  From the charts we moved our right fielder 10ft from the line with runners on 1st & 2nd and 1 out. We are up 11 to 7 and struggling and it's the bottom of the 7th our right fielder makes a diving catch right on the line to save us from a big inning. So thanks to TurboStats for all the help. - COACH MURRAY  - NEWARK MEMORIAL DIV 1 CHAMPS


Guaranteed to be the Best Statistical Tracking System on the Market!  Try it Free for your first 6 games

Compare TurboStats 15.0 to the Competition

  The Most Advanced Scoring System on the Market Today. Not a buggy, unsupported app.
  LIVE and Free Technical support. Speak to a live person. No costly hidden annual fees. We support everything we sell.
  The Original MS Windows game based statistic software. Since 1992
  Endorsed by Professional Coaches. No paid corporate sponsors
  Runs without master CD in the drive so you can use at work and at home
  Automatically tracks career stats after each game
  Easily saves and archives your entire team history and records
  More quality features then any product in its class  see feature List
  The most advanced reporting tool available with up to 300 stats per player
  The best combination of PC and Handheld software on the market
  Create custom Lineup Cards saving time and additional expenses
  Works with "ScoreKeeper" the most advanced handheld scoring tool available with over 300 stats
  App importing to import box score data from low cost phone/tablet apps (approx 50 stats)
  ScoreKeeper keeps ALL GAMES/SEASONS on your PDA till you delete them
  ScoreKeeper provides Full EDIT/UNDO at any time on the PDA
  ScoreKeeper displays spray charts, pitch charts in real time 
  ScoreKeeper Standard Edition is a full featured scoring program and is not limited like our competitors "BASIC" software 
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