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Plan a Practice
Combine Game and Practice Schedules
Schedule and Track a League
Run a Draft
Team Form
Team Rosters
Fielding Diagrams
Lineup Cards
Computerized Batting Orders
Create Stat Reports
Career Stats
Situational Diagramming
Game Form
Enter Game Data
Enter Spray Chart Hitting Data
Create Stat Reports
Import Data from ScoreKeeper
Stat Viewer
View Stat Reports
Print Reports
Merge League Stats
Stat Filter
Customize Stat Reports
Select Report Formats
Filter Game Types
Filter by Dates
Filter by Opponents
Team Analyzer
View Team Statistical Charts & Graphs
Print Graphs
Player Analyzer
View/Print Player Trends
View/Print Team Trends
View/Print Hitting Tendencies
Analyze Righty vs Lefty Trends
Print Graphs


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