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Keep tabs on all the players on your team or in your league.  You can enter names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, player numbers, positions, notes, and more for up to 999 players per team.  You can also enter the number of innings per game for ERA calculations.


  • Customize: Change any of the category names just by clicking on them.
  • Import Players/Rosters: From other TurboStats teams, Comma Sep files, Excel, ScoreKeeper, MaxPreps, iScore, GameChanger, and more.
  • Career Stats: Enter your players history. Career stats will automatically update as you enter game data. see Career
  • Create: Unlimited Teams with up to 100 players per team.
  • Backup: Backup and Restore files with our handy utility. Great for moving data to and from your work computer and your home or laptop computer.

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