Line-Up Creator  Plan your game in seconds...
Just drag and drop any player from the line-up onto the field.  Double click or drop players on the bench icon to remove them from the field.  Shown below is a baseball line-up. You can move players to centerfield, left center, right center, short field, designated hitter, designated player or flex, extra hitter, pinch hitter, or relief pitcher.  Select up to 10 innings so you can plan your entire game.  The new "Heads Up" display will show where each player is in each inning.

Sample Line-ups

View Fielding Diagrams (PDF)

View Multi Inning Lineup Card (PDF)

View Dugout Card (PDF)

  • Drag-n-Drop Players on the Field or Lineup Card

  • Heads up display shows all innings assigned for each player to help balance playing time

  • View season and career stats to assist in lineup creation

  • Supports Flex rule for Fastpitch and Extra Hitter, Pinch Hitter and Designated Hitter


Choose Abbreviations or positions number 1-10

 Save Multiple Cards
Supports Drag-n-Drop on the card and from the TurboStats field layout and team list
All Graphics and Text can be edited and saved with each card. All fonts and alignments can be saved. Create and use your own logo.
Automatically creates the "Also Eligible" column based on stored values in the Team Roster. Also Eligible can be edited to "Sub" or any other heading you prefer.
Support multiple printing options including 1up, 2up, Landscape 2up, Landscape Legal Size 3up, Dugout card
Support Computerized Lineup selection
Automatically checks for missing players from the roster

Advanced Lineup Card and Field Layout Printing

View Fielding Diagrams (PDF)

fieldlarge.jpg (30814 bytes)

View Multi Inning Lineup Card (PDF)

Print Your Game Plan on One Sheet of Paper. Great for Youth Leagues and Practice Games!

View Landscape 2up (PDF) version

View Dugout Card (PDF)

Automatically fills in the Pitching/Hitting subs


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