ScoreKeeper Now Runs on Windows Devices
Also Runs on Android Devices with the Phem App.

Imports game data into TurboStats 17.0 ProSeries or higher

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ScoreKeeper Features

  1. Imports all game data into TurboStats 17.0 (ProSeries or higher)
  2. Unlimited Games
  3. Over 300 Stats Per Player
  4. Spray Charts
  5. Box Scores
  6. Pitch Count
  7. Chart Pitches
  8. Full Edit
  9. Play-by-Play Reports
  10. Store all Games on your Android device
  11. View Combined Game Stats & Charts your Android device
  12. Print Scorebook Pages
  13. Save Hours of Time

Full Live Game Scoring
for Both Teams

  1. Score live during the game
  2. Tracks game statistics, spray charts and pitch counts
  3. Pitch Chart Screen Turns on/off
  4. Opponents Spray Charts
  5. Scout your Opponents
  6. Print game summary reports
  7. Creates play-by-play reports
  8. Print completed scorebook pages
  9. Exports over 300 statistics to TurboStats
  10. Displays seasonal stats on your Android device

Advanced Pitch Charting
(available in ProSeries)

  1. Advanced Pitch Charting with batter and pitcher views of all pitches
  2. Displays pitches thrown by location, type and count
  3. Pitch charting can be turned on/off with one tap
  4. Chart one batter or the entire team
  5. Exports over 300 statistics to TurboStats
  6. Works with TurboScout software to produce advanced reports like types of pitches thrown by count, Ahead/Behind, and much more. TurboScout is sold separately.

Endorsed by Ken Griffey Sr- The Cincinnati Reds
"We would like to highly recommend TurboStats as a perfect tool to keep records on all our players and opponents. This is the greatest program for keeping stats during the game and updating after all games. Can't say enough about what TurboStats does for us."

There is no technical support for ScoreKeeper. If you purchase TurboStats 17.0 ProSeries or higher, then technical support will be available.