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Testimonials from Real Users

Endorsed by Ken Griffey Sr- The Cincinnati Reds

"First of all I would like to tell you how much I appreciate and love your ScoreKeeper (PDA) and Pro Series Turbo Stats programs.  These two programs have saved be an incredible amount of time in providing the stats for my daughters 16U Fastpitch Softball Travel Ball team.  I am the dugout coach and general fielding coach and one of my duties is to score the games and provide stats to the rest of the management team.  It would take me hours to produce the minimum stats needed and now in minutes I can generate stats that make the manager's head spin.-Tom Quinn  

"AWESOME! We love the program.  We love having the spray charts accessible during the game.  The ease of use is terrific, most of the other coaches are asking what we are doing with the palm in our dugout.  Keep up the great work.  Thanks and we will use and recommend this product to other coaches.  (Except the coaches in our league :-)  we don't want them to have the advantage we have. :-) Thanks. Scott Mastroianni Varsity coach - Moorpark High School

"This time last year I purchased TurboStats 11.0 and ScoreKeeper 6.0 to use for our high school baseball program. What a great investment it was!! I've truly enjoyed both programs. My fellow coaches love the stat printouts. My players even wanted to learn how to keep score so they could "do the Palm." I love the time both programs save! Great work!"  -Ryan Walker,  Osbourn High School Baseball - Manassas, VA

"I have the latest version of the Turbostats software (Baseball), and I have the ScoreKeeper for my palm.  Thanks, this is really a great product, and after using this for the last 7 months, I can say the only errors in scoring came from my input". - Scott Hayden

"My name is Matt Schwenke; I am an assistant baseball coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Orange County , CA .  I have been using the Turbo Stats software for the last two years for our website and love it.  I started using a Palm this past year during the game for stat keeping and it worked out great." -  Matt Schwenke Information Technology Department Santa Margarita Catholic High School  

"I've been using your products for several years. I currently own TurboStats, Scorekeeper, and TurboScout to chart our players and opponents. It definitely gives us an edge. I've tried Digital Scout and found your product to be superior. Keep up the good work. -Christopher M. Cimino  Head Varsity Baseball CoachMesa Verde High School

"Played around with 6.0 and had no problems. I enter 2 games everything went well. Love the new pitching chart feature, eager to see how it ties in with turbostats and how the reports looks. By the way last year we won Northern California Div 1 High School Championship.  I went and scouted the team we beat the week before we played them using ScoreKeeper. Made up some hitting charts on each one of their hitters from ScoreKeeper and used them during the game and it paid off in the last inning of the game.  From the charts we moved our right fielder 10ft from the line with runners on 1st & 2nd and 1 out. We are up 11 to 7 and struggling and it's the bottom of the 7th our right fielder makes a diving catch right on the line to save us from a big inning. So thanks to TurboStats for all the help.


"I just beamed your program onto my Palm IIIe at the Giants game vs. Arizona at Pac Bell. What a marvelous product! Even though this was a 'complimentary' package and probably not fully functional, it's one of the best I've ever seen. It far surpasses the old 'book' records. Congratulations on a phenomenal product and thanks in advance for the help" - Eric L Johnson

"I LOVE the scorecard on my Palm, courtesy of the trial version beamed onto my Palm at PacBell Park. I have three games I've scored on my Palm using it, and am anxious to see the printed output." - Allen Hirsch

"My name is Robert Pincus and I coach the Central florida Renegades. I purchases the stat program last year to use with my palm pilot.  Well, we won the NABF 18-under World Series and the palm pilot program was awesome." - Bob Pincus

"I have been pushing your excellent product here on the shoreline of Connecticut.  I coach American Legion Baseball and my brother-in-law coaches high school.  He is ordering a copy this year.  My son's high school coach is also ordering a copy.  And I know at least 4 other people who were VERY interested in the product when they saw me using it last summer.  It is the BEST product for scorekeeping on the market. "  - Mark DeMazza

"1999 was my first year using TurboStats.  I had been a faithful ????-Trak user, but not anymore.  The Pro-Series software coupled with the Palm Pilot software made scorekeeping for our Pony Travel team and our Jr. High Baseball team a snap. The reporting available to the coaches is unparalleled. This is a wonderful product!" -Rob Walters

"I know there are several other scorekeeping programs out there, but I have not heard the positive feedback on any of them like I have heard about TurboStats." - C. Hughes

"Thanks again for a wonderful program.  PS. I was asking in a chat room about palm programs for scoring/statistics for softball/baseball and your's was recommended over ScorePad because of its stability." -Stacey E Haws

"We play alot of the same teams in tournaments. During the game, while the opposing team is batting, we use the Stat> Batting >Chart (for entire season) of the opposing team to align our defense. It shows if the player consistently hits to a certain field.... and it works! We move our defense into areas that the player usually hits to and have made alot of outs and it messes with the opposing players head!  This was a main factor for purchasing the ScoreKeeper system, we saw this advantage (as well as all the great stat's without manual entry after the game)." - S. Holtgrieve

"Hey! I just purchased the full ScoreKeeper program after getting the feel for the demo version. I used it last weekend at my daughter's fast-pitch tournament and it was a big hit (no pun intended)! It's easy to use, even in a fast-paced game and has the
little features needed to simplify scorekeeping (import roster, swap home<->away, undo etc.) You guys really have a winner on your hands!  BTW: I'm using SK on my Visor & it works like a champ.  Keep up the good work!" -M. Courtney, Long Island Chargers 14U

"I just got the Turbostats and Scorekeeper programs. I loaded Turbostats on my Macintosh G3 (beige) in the Virtual PC enviroment with Windows 98.  It works great." - K. Champagne

"I am using the current releases of Turbostats and Scorekeeper. Great stuff. In particular, Scorekeeper has been the object of great interest among the coaches in the league." -Steve Holmes

"I used TurboStats and Palm Pilot application last summer (strictly Win 95) and can vouch for each application's power. Superb programs! Thanks." -Tom Snyder

"Great programs. I would not want to score a game without ScoreKeeper and TurboStats. Our team loves the stats the software compiles. Thanks"  -Russell Fife. Sliders Fastpitch Softball 2001 Tournament Coordinator and Webmaster

"Hello Turbostats,  I just wanted to let you know that we purchased TurboStats for use in 2002 Babe Ruth Ohio Valley Regional Tournament hosted by Appleton, Wisconsin.  We have been able to provide coaches with complete statistics for each of their games prior to their leaving the field.  I believe every team participating took your website address so that they could purchase the software for their leagues.  They have all been extremely impressed. Thanks, Turbostats, for helping us make our regional tournament a great success!"  Ruth and Larry Woelfel, Tournament Directors


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