How ScoreKeeper Tracks Innings Played

Scorekeeper records the fielding stats for innings played at each position.   After the third out of each half inning is made.   ScoreKeeper checks the current lineup of the team that was in the field and for each player that has a valid position assigned in the lineup, records another inning played at that position.  Therefore if you are interested in the fielding stat for innings played, you must assign player positions in the lineup editor and also accurately track fielding changes as the game progresses.

It is important to remember that ScoreKeeper only updates the innings played at the end of each half inning.  In other words when a team gets 3 outs, or when the mercy rule is invoked (i.e. when ever you see the due up message).  This has the following consequences:

  • Any player that was removed from the lineup in the middle of an inning will not show up as playing in the position that he began the inning
  • If players switch positions in the middle of an inning, (i.e. someone comes in to pitch) ScoreKeeper records only the positions played when the half inning ended.
  • When a game has ended and you record the last out, it is important to make sure you advance forward to the lead off batter of the opposing team and see the due up message.  If this is not done, the innings played stats will not be updated for the team in the field.  (Note that ScoreKeeper will not record an atbat for the leadoff batter,  assuming no pitches are recorded).

Note that the innings played stat is independent of the plate appearances, or the innings pitched stats.  Therefore it is possible for a player to show plate appearances, or innings pitched, but not any innings played in the field.  This would occur if a player never had a valid fielding position assigned at the end of an inning, but did bat, or pitched a partial inning.

Caution should be use when using the lineup editor's "Copy Lineup" menu command once a game is started.  Using this command erases the innings played stats for all players on the team.  For this reason it is recommended that the command be used only before the game has started.

If you make any errors scoring a game remember that you can make changes in TurboStats after you import the game stats.


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