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Latest 7.0 Upgrade is Version 7.0J with Hudl support
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  [Free Update for 7.0 Users

Select RUN when prompted (see bottom of screen) . 

What's new in each update

7.0J    Added support for players with uniform number 00. Added defensive extra points for college games. Fixed pass breakups counting as a tackle.

7.0G   Fixed crash when exporting Hudl files when player names are missing in the event list.  Fixed problems when added players to the opponent using LINEUP that sometimes show up on the wrong team.  Added a [DEFAULT] button in LINEUP to reset the Player1-99 default names.

7.0F   Added more fields to the Hudl csv file for Tacklers, Interceptions and Fumble recoveries

7.0E   Fixed issue with creating playbooks in LiveScoring and the File Access Error message when saving playbooks.

7.0D   Added support for Hudl play by play upload file and importing from Hudl rosters.  Added support for mp4 video files in media player.  Added support for importing player names with separate First Name and Last Name fields.  Improved importing of MaxPreps rosters.

Note: To export a CSV for Hudl open the LiveScore screen and choose the menu LIVE>Export play by play CSV file (Hudl)

New features in version 7.0 from version 6.0

  • Edit Button changes any event or inserts/deletes events

  • Export to CSV play by play to import into Hudl TM

  • Import games scored on another computer

  • Search Button to find events

  • XML Output and Live Webcasting available

  • Free posting of box scores and team statistics online

  • Supports 100, 110, 90, 80 and 50 yard fields

  • Supports portrait and landscape modes

  • More stats like QB Hits and Laterals

  • Tracks plays called back due to penalties

  • TurboScout View graphical tendencies, quickly sketch plays, take notes, view/print tendency reports and link to scouting data while you score

To purchase an upgrade from Complete or Pro to Platinum/Ultra  see Upgrades

Latest 6.0 Upgrade is Version 6.0j           DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UPDATE IF YOU HAVE 7.0
Click Here to Download >>  [Free Update for 6.0 Users]  Select RUN when prompted.  If you have Microsoft Security Essentials press MORE when prompted and choose "run anyway"

NOTE:  After the upgrade downloads CLOSE TURBOSTATS before you press [UNZIP]
(Upgrading will not affect your data)

Updates to version 6.0

6.0j.   Fixed printing the stat description key in a darker font

6.0i.   Added: Penalties in the game summary.  Added: Missed extra points to the scoring summary.   Added: Automatic 1st downs on all Touchdowns except for "and goal" situations
Added: Display a bottom scroll bar for Events when the Events button is pressed.  Added: Message for how to fix the "MSTAB.OCX not registered" error message
Fixed: Bug with ADD button when adding players on the fly that does not effect the clock and possession time.

6.0h.   Added a Team Summary to the Box Score.  Removed sacks from the rushing stats if you had Rush selected by mistake when entering a sack

6.0g.   Added a Scoring by Quarters Summary to the Box Score.  Added option to enter Returned By during the Kickoff or Punt instead of after pressing submit.  It works either way now.  Hide the Formation, Defense and Blitz columns in the Events if you have turned off Prefs>Display > Show Formations and Defense.  Added Run and  Pass options in the Extra Point box even thought you could just tap run or pass buttons.
Fixed: Removed players with defensive penalties from the opposing team's defensive box score.  Fix: Issue that can occur when opening a live game that was already scored where the opponent's name was missing and the same team was listed twice.  

6.0f.   Removed the bottom scroll bars in the Live Game Event List to provide more viewable data.  Use the < > arrows to view side to side.  If you feel that the scroll bar was necessary and you want it back, contact tech support and let them know. Added "All Tabbed Reports" option in the HTML output page.  Removed any extra data in the HTML blank lines.  Improved the MaxPreps copy/paste roster import

6.0e.  Fixed issue that caused the live game screen to hang at 25% when loading if you used a game created in version 5 or lower. Also prevents the tabs in the report screen from disappearing after performing a sort of any statistical category.

6.0d.  Fixed bug that crashed the live game screen if you changed the teams in the scouting screen.

6.0c.  Lots of added features including an all new stat viewer and practice planner screens.  Added [copy video] button in the media viewer for quickly coping and labeling video files from your camera SD memory card.

Have an issue you don't see here?  contact tech support turbostats@aol.com

User Account Controls Win 7 & Vista  
(how to turn off)

Support Issues

1. I can't see my video in the Media Viewer:
Different camera's record in different compression formats.  Each format may need it own translator called a Codec.  If you install the software that cam with the video camera on your computer, it should install the correct codec on your computer.  If you switch computers you may have to install the codec files on the new computer.

How to Check your Video Codec Files:    Start> Control Panel> Sounds & audio devices (naturally)> Hardware tab> highlight "video codecs"> properties> properties tab this will list all your codecs;

1.Q. How do I print in landscape mode ?  A.  Use the File>Print > [Setup] menu

2. Q. How do I delete a player from game line up? A. use the menu Players > Remove from lineup

3. Q. How do I print multiple reports on one page ? A. Use File > Page Setup > click off the [ ] page break box.

4. Problem: I get an error message starting TurboStats "component threed.vbx of one of it's dependencies is not properly registered".  
Solution: Turn Off User Account Controls and Reboot  see instructions


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