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ver 1.0b: Fixed spelling mistakes

ver 1.0c: 8/27/97  Fixed: problem in Team Form if any commas were enter in a player's address or note area. Download the upgrade file and your team file will open correctly. Modified: the field layout to position the single midfielder and striker position in front of the other midfielder and striker positions.

ver 1.0d: 9/2/97  Fixed: problem with live game scoring. Program would not allow entering of substitutes into the game. Only effected the playing time.

ver 1.0e: 9/2/97  Fixed: the messages when your mouse is over the multiple field layout selections.

ver 1.0f: ( 9/24/97 ) Fixed: The options to turn on/off Points, Points/Game, Steals/Game in the stat reports. Fixed: Compiling Multi Game Stat summaries when only one game was entered producted an error message that was fixed. Fixed: the sceen image on the Team Form when "Large Fonts" is selected.

ver 1.0G: ( 10/8/97 ) Fixed: Comma's in player names are allowed.

ver 1.0H: ( 10/15/97 ) Fixed: Games ending in a Zero to Zero Tie now correctly calculate in the team record. Also fixed Multi Game summary for games on the schedule that were not yet played and added to the per game stats.

ver 1.0i: ( 11/4/97 ) Fixed: HTML converter.

ver 1.0J (7/20/98) Fixed field layout bitmap scaling with "Large Fonts".   Fixed Goals against per Game full heading ( with abbrev headings turned off )

ver 1.0K (3/10/99) Fixed backup/restore program when comma's are used in the players names

ver 1.0L (6/7/99) Fixed league merge problems

ver 1.0M (7/1/99) Fixed league merge problems with runs scored instead of Goals scored

ver 1.0N (12/20/99) Fixed y2k problem with the day of the week in the game form

to download just the updated file "upgrades.exe" ver 1.0i  Click Here > TurboStats for Soccer ver 1.0n (upgrades.exe) ( you must already have TurboStats for Soccer installed ) After you download the file double click on it to run it and uncompress the new soccer.exe file.

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