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Open one of the folders below for the sport you are running.  ( c:\winstats < baseball , c:\basket, c:\volley, c:\football, c:\soccer )  Right click on any file in the folder and choose Properties.  See if READ ONLY is checked. See your administrator if you have problems opening or saving team data. 

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Other Issues

Question: How many computers can I run TurboStats on?
  TurboStats is licensed to the original user and can be installed on one computer. If another coach (jv, varsity, etc) wants to use the software from the same school or youth league, there are additional licenses available at discounted prices. Each license will include a unique set of serial numbers and passwords.

How do I Share My Data files ...

Question: How do I allow another coach on our network view or print my stats or How do I access my stats on another computer on our network? Answer:  Although TurboStats will run on a network, it must first be installed on each machine.  TurboStats uses dll and ocx library files that reside in the local PC's System folders.  Once installed you can access the software or any team databases over the network.  

Question: How do I email stats to another coach or user?  Answer: Click here for directions: Emailing Stats

How do I (Team files) ...

Question: How do I start a new season?  Answer: Use the File > New Team menu and create a brand new team file. (call it something like Then use the IMPORT button to import players who are playing again this season from last years team file.  If you have career stats on  those players they will be automatically copied up to the new team file.  Career Stat Import Note If you are losing your imported career stats it is most likely due to a bad year entered like 17-18. After you press import and before you press Save player, press the Career Button.  You will see the career stats.  Edit the old date to 2018 and then press Save and the career stats will not be deleted.

ScoreKeeper Users:  You can leave your old games on the ScoreKeeper app but most users will delete all the old games to start a new season.  Sync, then in the IMPORT FROM SCOREKEEPER screen in TurboStats press the RESET button to clear the history of the old games.  Note: When you delete the games from the ScoreKeeper app they will be moved to the palm/userid/archive folder after you sync.  If you ever needed to reinstall an old game on your ScoreKeeper app you can use the Palm Quick Installer to put it back.

Question: How do I delete a team? Answer: Exit out of all teams so that you are at the opening screen.  Then choose File > Delete Team and select the team you want to delete from the list.

How do I (Games) ...

Question: How do I enter a forfeit? Answer: Create a game and choose the Game Type "Season Forfeit". Enter a score of at least 1 for the winning team. ( note: you will be prompted when you save the game for your team's score )

Question: How do I delete a game?  Answer: You can totally remove the last game in your game list by first removing all the batters in the batting order (see below) then press Save Game.  Next click on the Games menu and choose Delete Game.

Question: How do I delete a player from a game (batting order)? Answer: Select the player in the player list and then use the menu Batters ( or Players ) > Remove from line up  (or batting order).

Question:  In the reports field the box score option is grayed out. How do I generate box scores? Answer: Box scores can be printed for a game only.  Use the menu Games > Print Current Game in the Game Form.

Question: How do I enter substitutes in a game?  Answer: Add substitutes after your starting players in the Batting Order list box and click the Sub [x} box.

Question: How do I edit the opponent's list in the game form or How can I delete a team (some teams show up multiple times) from the opponent's list?  Answer: In the Game Form choose Utilities > Edit Opponent's File

How do I (Reports) ...

Question: How do I create a league report? Answer: Use the command Compile Stats > Prepare a league disk > current drive in the GAME FORM after entering game info for each team.  Next merge these files in the STAT VIEWER using the command File> Merge (create a league report).

Question: How do I create a report showing the teams we played and the Won/Lost status with the final scores only? Answer: In the Game Form choose Games > Print Game Schedule

Question: How do I create a report showing the total stats against all the teams we played? Answer: In the Game Form choose Compile Stats > Game Summary Report

Question: How can I view the Stat Equations the program uses to create the reports?  Answer: In the Stat Filter move your cursor mouse over the stat category and the calculation will appear below.  If it does not appear click the HELP button in the Stats Filter. (Note:  your version must be registered to view the stat equations.)

How do I (Backup my Data) ...

TurboStats has built in backup software that allows your data to be copied to any network, USB Thumb Drive, or SD card. TurboStats cannot backup to a CD Rom (no Windows software can) drive unless DIRECT CD software is running.  We don't provide tech support for Direct CD but it allows your CD Rom drive to be accessed like a hard disk drive.  To burn a CD you need to use the software that came with the CD burner like NERO, Easy CD Creator, or similar. 

How do I (Other Issues) ...

Question:  I recently purchased this product. I was wondering if it's a copyright infringement if I installed the product on my work computer and my home computer? I will be doing stats at both home and work.  Answer:  You can purchase a second license to use on a second machine at a discounted price.


also see How do I Reports..

Missing Player Stats Issue: I played 2 games and put my stats with rest of team. My stats show personally for the 2 games but I am not being shown with the team stats. No matter what I try.  Solution: Turn [x] Show Coaches on in the Stat Filter. You must be set as a coach under position in the Team Form.  This option allows you to put a coaches name on the roster with having the coach appear in the stat reports.  If you are a player-coach you will want to turn show coaches on.

Stats For Game He Didn't Play Issue:  When I make a stat report for a player he has stats for a game he did not play in.  When I go to the Game form and select the game that player is not in the game.  How do I remove the stats.  Answer:  The only way that could have happened is if you were adding a game in which you added that player into the game and for some reason the game was not saved ( example: computer crashed, was turned off, ctrl>alt> deleted, etc). To fix the problem you must add the player into the game by pressing [Add Player] with the game selected.  Then add the player into the game.  Press [Save Player], then remove the player from the game (using the Player or Batters menu) and the stats will be deleted for that game.  Press [Save Game] when you are done.


When making an HTML of a game schedule, complete game summary, or any single stat report page when no other tabs are visible. (ie batting, fielding or pitching).  You must uncheck the box 'Include All Tabbed Reports' in the HTML Customizer or the HTML page will not be created. 

Making Websites.  Use File>Make Website in the Stat Viewer to create interlinking webpages for any team.  If you want separate files for each player choose the Hyperlink option.  If you want one big file with bookmarks for each player then choose Bookmark Players.

Making Separate Websites for Batting, Fielding and Pitching.  If you want to create an interlinking website for only the fielding or pitching stats follow this procedure.

1. In the Stat Filter choose Report2 or 3.  Then go to the Batting Tab and turn off all the individual stats for batting and then for pitching
2. In the Stat Viewer Choose File>Make a Website.  When prompted to select the players make sure you leave the batting, fielding, pitching buttons all selected.  Remember that you have turned off the individual batting and pitching stats.  

1. In the Stat Filter choose Report2 or 3.  Then go to the Batting Tab and turn off all the individual stats for batting and then for fielding
2. In the Stat Viewer Choose File>Make a Website.  When prompted to select the players, make sure you leave the batting, fielding & pitching buttons all selected.  Remember that you have turned off the individual batting and fielding stats.  



TurboStats generally installs fine on all computers.  However, some issues may arise due to user privileges or existing software.  If you have any install issues try the suggestions below before calling Tech Support.

Palm OS Vista Support.   Download the Vista Compatible Palm Desktop Software from Palm's Website.   Windows 7, 8, 10 & Vista 64-bit Hotsync 

If you have a problem installing on XP try this
Log in as Administrator in XP, in SAFE MODE!!! TurboStats should install, if not, use msconfig to force a clean boot and repeat. (search tech support for msconfig if you don't know how to use this. Restart, then log into XP normally. make sure you can hotsync the palm, then install the scorekeeper s/w. If this doesn't work, use msconfig to deselect the startup items, then repeat this step.

Problem: Program won't Start on Windows XP.  (How to manually register DLL's)
"The Specified Module Cannot be Found error
Solution: A  DLL or OCX file is not properly registered with Windows.
   Use Start > RUN   then type in
   Regsvr32.exe msvbvm60.dll

after the "Regsvr32.exe" put a space and one of these file names then press OK.  Try to load TurboStats.  If you get the same error repeat with the next file in the list.

msvbvm60.dll graph32.ocx mscomm32.ocx comdlg32.ocx
gswdll32.dll grid32.ocx threed32.ocx

Problem:  After installing ScoreKeeper and after you restart your computer, you may receive an error message similar to the following:  Msvcirt.dll file is linked to missing export msvcrt.dll.  To repair this error see Microsoft's fix from their support site:  click here

Installing on XP, NT or 2000 will require administration password unless you uncheck the [x] dll in system directory option when installing.  After installing on NT or 2000 set the icon to run in it's own memory space by right clicking on the TurboStats icon and choosing properties.

Problem:. Version Mismatch Error Message (example: mismatch error on COMDLG32.OCX). Solution:  TurboStats uses DLL and OCX's that are used by other software programs.  In some cases older versions may exist already on your computer in either the c:/windows  c:/windows/system or   c:/windows/system32.  Remove the files that the error message mentions (COMDLG32.OCX as in the above sample) from the directory and then reinstall the software and it should run fine.

Problem: I can't pull up the File Open Team or New Team dialogue box in TurboStats  for Baseball or Basketball.  I get a message that the old style dialogue will be use or nothing comes up at all when I click File> Open Team.  Solution: This issues is related to comdlg32.ocx.  There is a copy in c:\windows\system32 that is old.  Copy comdlg32.ocx from your c:\windows\system and overwrite the one in c:\windows\system32 and it will fix the problem.  Or follow instructions above to delete all copies, reinstall and you might even have to run the dll registration program see how.

Problem:. When installing the program you get a different setup program after the initializing prompt or your get the message "can't load DLL" or you get initializing and the install program hangs up. Solution:   Check in your Windows directory for a file called c:\windows\setup1.exe.  If you find it then delete it and run the setup program again.

Problem Message: One or more Visual Basic Programs are running when trying to install. Solution: Close all programs and then try to install again.   You may have a virus on your computer.  One user discovered that he had a program that was autoloading in his WIN.INI file on the Load= line.  This program was hiding itself by placing about 50 spaces after Load= so it doesn't appear that anything is on that line.  The easiest solution is to reboot to DOS and delete the file vbrun300.dll. (c:  del c:\windows\system\vbrun300.dll ).  Then restart Windows and reinstall TurboStats.

Problem: During the installation I get a message "can't install threed.vbx".  Solution : delete the file threed.vbx from your c:\windows\system directory and install the program again.    This applies to other vbx or dll files.  Note: you may have to restart Windows first in order to delete the files.

Problem: Setup runs fine but when you start TurboStats you get one of these messages:  GSW.EXE & GSWDLL.DLL version mismatch, file is out of data, wrong version of runtime dll, etc.  Solution: Run the file on the install disc called uninstal.bat.  It will remove all dll and vbx files TurboStats uses so you can install the program again.   If you have a CD click on the version in the lower right hand corner of the install program to run uninstal.bat.  If you don't have uninstall.bat on your installation disc click here to download it then run the file after it downloads.

Problem:  An error occurred during the move data process: -113.  Solution: This is a ScoreKeeper error that occurs when the palm desktop software is not loaded or has a setup error.  Uninstall and Reinstall the palm desktop software.

Question. How do I run TurboStats on a Network?  Answer. You must install TurboStats on each computer and mount a network drive letter if you want to access the same data files on all computers. (You must purchase a license for each computer)

Problem: Error message Cannot load "comdlg32.ocx".  Solution:  First try deleting comdlg32.ocx from your c:\windows\system or system32 directory. Then reinstall TurboStats.  If that fails then run regedit from Microsoft (Start> Run > regedit) and first to remove the entry for the comdlg32 file from the registry, then re-register the version of comdlg32.ocx in the windows registry with the regsvr32.exe program after reinstalling the program.  

Problem with Virtual PC 4.0 for MAC:  "Object variable not Set" error with Virtual PC 4.0.   Answer: Get the latest version of VPC 4.0.2 from

Question: How come I get "Not Registered" for every other player in my lineup card?  Answer: You have to put in your password first to register your software.  See Help > Enter your password in your team form or click on [Register] on the main menu.


Question: Cannot load custom control dll Graph.vbx Version Mismatch.  FIX: Delete the files Graph.vbx, Grid.vbx, Gsw.exe, Gswdll.dll from your c:\windows\system directory and then install the program again. or   Run the file on the install disc called uninstal.bat.  It will remove all dll and vbx files TurboStats uses so you can install the program again.   If you have a CD click on the version in the lower right hand corner of the install program to run uninstal.bat.  If you don't have uninstall.bat on your installation disk click here to download it

Problem: I get an error message starting TurboStats "threed.vbx is out of date".  Solution: Delete the file threed.vbx from your c:\windows directory.


Common Error Messages

5 - Printer Error: When printing from the Stat Viewer
6 - Overflow :  Bad Data or settings were encountered in a form.
7 - Out of Memory: Problem in Win 3.x.  Close Apps and restart Windows.
9 - Subscript out of range:  Problem in TurboStats for Volleyball with attack types set to 0
11 - Division by Zero- Data entry error.  Recheck data in the Game Form
52 - Bad File Name - Check reports for all player's on team to find the bad data file
53 - File Not Found
57 - Device I/O error:  There is a mechanical error with your drive or floppy disk
61 - Disk Full :  Delete some file to get more disk space to save data files.
62 - Input past the end of file : Data file is corrupted probably due to a bad floppy disk
67 - Too many files:  Trying to save to a floppy disk.  You have reached the file limit which is about 3 teams per floppy disk.  Use another bank disk for your backup.
70 - Permission Denied: The write protect tab on the floppy disk is in the readonly position
75 - Path/File Access error: floppy disk is not in the drive or write protect tab is read only.  Or directory permissions on XP or 2000
75 - When Creating Reports: Browse to c:\winstats and delete the files PRINTOUT.INF, PAGE1,PAGE2,PAGE3,PAGE4 as they are write protected.
380 Problem viewing reports: Delete the file viewer.dat and restart TurboStats
382- When merging league stats.  Make a team report first so the viewer is not empty.  Then merge
482- Printer Error:   There is an error printing to a network printer.  Not setup correctly.
GSW.EXE & GSWDLL.DLL version mismatch
30010 - Stat Creation Error.  To fix reset the stat order.   Table >Set Stat Order > RESET


Question: I get an error trying to save a game.  It says Player Not Found? Answer: You must have an older copy of TurboStats.   To fix this you must have added either comma's in the player name, or there are some spaces before or after the player's name in the Team Form.  Go back to the Team Form and edit the player's name to remove any spaces.  Then go back to the game and press the Add Player button and add the players back in the game.  If you still get errors and you have the uniform number display turned on, try turning it off under the Utilities menu in the Game Form.

Question:  What is ERROR 53 in the Game Form or Stat Viewer?  Answer: Error 53 occurs when the program cannot find one of your player's data  files.  Did you move your team files from another computer or directory.  Please use our backup / restore program under the File menu of the Main Form to move teams.  Create a Team report and note which player you get the ERROR message from. If you recently added the player then ( first close the game form ) delete the player from your team using DELETE in the Team Form.  Exit out of TurboStats and get back in.  Then add the deleted player back again. To replace the stats you must go to the Game Form, select a game, then press ADD Player.  Add the player to the game and enter his stats again.  Use the up and down arrows to change the players location in the batting order if you want to.

Question:  How do I get out of an ERROR 62 (input past the end of file) message loop?  Answer: There was a problem the a player's datafile.  Press ctrl>alt>del at the same time and choose End Task for the TurboStats task.   Then you can restart the program.

Question:  Can I recover stats from an ERROR 62 (input past the end of file) message?  Answer: Yes, but it takes a little work and there is no telling how much data you will recover. You can follow the instructions for fixing Error 53 above if you will not lose much data for that player.   Otherwise you can try to fix the bad player's datafile.   After you determined which player's data file is bad you must find out what file name it is.   In the Team Form in the list of players, select the player with the bad data file.   Click your mouse in the box next to Player List Number and hold down the mouse (without moving it ) .  At the bottom of the screen the player's file name and extension will appear.  (Example: This player's data file is sample.3).  Now that you know the file name you can open the data file in Windows Notepad program.   Select Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad.  When notepad loads open the player's datafile using File > Open > type in "c:\winstats\your players filename". The data file has a flow starting with a game number, some datalines, then another game number.  The end of the file will be cut off somewhere.   Trim the file back to the end of the last complete game and use File > Save.   Then try to create a report for this player in TurboStats again to see if you repaired the file structure.  If the end of the file contains a line with the players name in it, delete the name and save the file.

Question: What is "ERROR # 6" when I try to compile a "Complete Game Summary"?  Answer: This only occurs when you have1 game in your game list. It will work just fine after you add your second game.  It can also occur in the Stat Viewer when you are trying to compile stats.  see below..

Question: I get PRINTER ERROR #6 when printing the stat report?  Answer: Use the File > Page Setup command in TurboStats.  Check to see that the margins are not zero and are acceptable for your printer.   Try resetting your stat order.  In the Stat Filter press Stat Order then press the Reset button.  See if the report prints.  If that does not fix the problem then exit out of TurboStats and delete the file viewer.dat in your TurboStats program directory (example: for baseball it c:\winstats\viewer.dat).  When you get back into TurboStats your Viewer default fonts will be reset.

Question: The program has been installed on the hard drive. Still get an ERROR 75 upon exiting program, even though test info seems to be saved to the hard drive next time I open it. Any suggestions?  Answer:  ADD full permission control for that profile or for the TurboStats sport directory in question. You must have read/write permission in the directory you installed TurboStats to use our software.  See above for directories for each sport.


Question: How do I print in landscape mode?  Answer:  Use the File>Print > [Setup] menu

Question: How do I print multiple reports on one page? Answer: Use File > Page Setup > click off the [ ] page break box.  Or, you can check/uncheck the page break box right in the Stat Viewer in the lower right hand corner.  You can also print all the current tabbed report on one page use the File > Print All Reports menu

Question: My stat reports do not fit on one page.  What can I do?  Answer: Select a smaller font or switch to landscape printing.

Question: Nothing prints?  Answer: If you are using a USB printer port switch to Parallel.  There are problems using some USB printers.  If the USB printer is a network printer not connected to your computer then it should work fine.   

Question: I get PRINTER ERROR #6 when printing the stat report?  Answer: Use the File > Page Setup command in TurboStats.  Check to see that the margins are not zero and are acceptable for your printer.   If that does not fix the problem then exit out of TurboStats and delete the file viewer.dat in your TurboStats program directory (example: for baseball it c:\winstats\viewer.dat)

Question: How do I print to a network printer using Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista?  Answer: Make sure your network printers are printing to a captured printer port. Press Start > Settings >Printers . If your network printer is already installed then select it from the dialog box. Next click File>Properties and select the "Details" Tab. Under "Print to the following port" you probably have something that looks like a path to another computer printer. This must be changed to an LPT device. To do his first copy the data in "Print to the following port" box by highlighting it and pressing <ctrl><insert>. Next press the "Capture Printer Port" button. Select an available LPT port ( don't pick LPT1 if you have your own printer connected to your computer ). We suggest LPT3. Then click in the Path field and press <shift><insert> to paste in the path to the computer with the printer. Now change the "Print to the following port" box to LPT3 (or whatever you used).

Question: I get PRINTER ERROR #5 when printing to my Laserjet 4050, 8150 and other NEW HP Printers? Answer: There have been errors reported with the new HP printer drivers.  Get the latest driver from HP or install another laserjet driver like the 4000 or Laserjet V.  You can leave both drivers on your system connected to the same printer port..  If your printing over a network make sure you connect the printer to an LPT port

Question: The “out circle” does not appear on printouts with my new HP Laserjet?
Answer: If you have an HP Laserjet and need to use a different driver to avoid the error #5, you may also run into another problem. When trying to print a scorebook under the lineup tab on my HP Laserjet 2200dt with a different printer driver (HP Laserjet 4) to avoid error #5, the “out circle” will not print even if it is checked. The problem can be fixed by choosing raster graphics instead of vector graphics.  This can be generally found under the graphics tab in the printer settings for the printer.

DLL and VBX files used by TurboStats.   Click if you need to download one of them and copy them to your c:\windows\system directory:

mscomm.vbx vbrun300.dll graph.vbx grid.vbx gsw.exe gswdll.dll
commdlg.dll ver.dll cmdialog.vbx threed.vbx setupkit.dll