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Update Instructions

  1. Close out of the Volleyball App
  2. Click the link above to download
  3. Look down and press [RUN]
  4. get the Publisher of vbup3.exe couldn't be verified message  press [RUN]
  5. get the Windows Protected your PC message:  press More info  then [Run anyway]
  6. Press [OK] then [Unzip]
  7. Restart the App and check that the Version number has been updated


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Top Volleyball Support Questions:

Question: How do I edit a match?.  Answer: If you have the ProSeries for Volleyball program you can breakdown your stats by Player>Game>Rotation>Attack.  That means that if you want to edit your stats you must choose the Player, Game, Rotation, Attack you need to edit.  Many users don't use the Roation and Attack choices however TurboStats is using Roation 1 and Attack "Other" as the default choices.  Therefore to make edits you must :

  1. Click on a Match in the Match List. 
  2. Click on the Game to edit (accross the top right side of the Game Form): Match,1,2,3,4,5
  3. Click the Rotation pulldown from ALL to 1
  4. Click the Attack pulldown from ALL to OTHER
  5. Click on the players and edit the stats
  6. Press Save Player then Save Game when complete

Question: How do I print a summary for only one match: Answer: Go to the Game Form and choose the menu >  Matches > Print Current Match (note:   Make sure the small grid icon with the red line is press before printing)

Question: When compiling a stat report I get Error #9.  Answer: Go to the Stat Filter and look at Select Reports.  If you have strange characters in the box then exit TurboStats and go to the c:\volley folder and remove the file reports.dat.  Retry creating the report.  If you still get funny characters download this file and save it to c:\volley.  reports.dat



ver 1.0K: Fixed y2k errors for Day of the Week in Game form and Schedule Printing

ver 1.0J: Fixed errors number 5 if you tracked a game with less attack types than the current setting in the Team Form. Prevents renaming an Attack Type to "". Clicking on stat boxes only increments by one if "Game Mode" is on.

ver 1.0H: Fixed graphing data less than zero. Added ability to print game date on player reports. Removed the game numbering on player and multigame reports so you can sort by date.

ver 1.0G: Fixed problem with Standard Version after saving the game you could not edit the player stats anymore. Also fixed problem with multigame report and stat order for the Matches Played Stat

 ver 1.0F: Added the game scores to the Game Schedule Report

 ver 1.0E: Fixed: Compiling Multi Game Stat summaries when only one game was entered producted an error message that was fixed.

New Released Version 1.0D posted on 9/20/97 includes: 

New Beta Version 1.0C posted on 9/13/97 includes: 

New Beta Version 1.0B posted on 9/9/97 includes:

New Beta Version 1.0A posted on 9/6/97 includes:

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If you found a problem not listed here, please send email to turbostats@aol.com

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