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Create highlight videos right after the game

Stats and Video Has Never Been Easier


Watch scouting videos

Score the Game Live & Video the Game with your Camera

If you video your games TurboStats Platinum can save you a great deal of time watching film. TurboStats includes a separate Camera/Elapsed time counter that can be used to Sync play by play data to your video.  Simply start the timer and the camera at the start of each period and leave the camera running.  While you are live scoring TurboStats automatically posts the elapsed time to the play by play event.  When the game is over or at halftime copy your video to your computer or insert your camera SD card.  Select the video clip and just click the play by play event you want to see, press the Video button and TurboStats automatically loads the video to the clip location for playback.

Import Video after the Game

Control your Video Display from within TurboStats as an overlapping window or project to a 2nd display or Miracast wireless TV
Supports USB, Miracast, HDMI and PC Monitors as a 2nd Display for displaying the video
(You can't do this with iPads or Android tablets)

Shown with an Asus Note 8" tablet driving an AOC 16" USB Monitor as a 2nd display with a powered 4 port USB Hub that can also connect to an optional keyboard and mouse.

Set your Report Filters and Watch all Sorted Video Clips

Produce Cyberlink Video Project Files with One Click and upload to YouTube or Burn a DVD

Automatically Syncs with Your Video Camera

  • Insert your SD camera card or USB cable

  • TurboStats automatically locates the clips

  • Select one clip for each period

  • Press [COPY ALL] to copy videos to computer or Play video directly from SD card

  • Clips are renamed to reflect game and period

  • Original video is untouched on card

  • Set +/- delay to sync play timer and video

  • Play clips or modify start/stop times or rating

  • Upload Play by Play and Stats to 3rd party sites like Hudl and MaxPreps

Control Video while you score

  • Use one large monitor and view video in a window
  • Connect a 2nd Display
  • Use Miracast Wireless to display on TV

Filter/Produce Video Projects

  • Filter by one or more categories

  • Filter by period, shot types, individual plays, 
    defense, team, player, uncontested shots, event (assist, steal, etc), and more

  • Press SEARCH to locate all plays

  • Press PLAY ALL to view plays

  • or PRODUCE VIDEO to create a CyberLink project file which will automatically load CyberLink and load your new project

  • Press PRODUCE in CyberLink and create a YouTube, Facebook, DVD, MP4, etc video

  • Video will be produced at an amazing speed because CyberLink is "The World's Fastest Video Editor"

    If your video file format does not work download the Windows Codecs  Click Here 

timeline clips automatically processed based on live scoring event filter

Edit Video in CyberLink Media Player Works (with the Ultra Edition)




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TurboStats Minimum System Requirements:  Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista & XP.  10 MB Disk Space.  

CyberLink Video Processing Requirements (Ultra Only):  Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista or XP SP2.  512 Ram for XP or 3GB Ram for 32 bit OS.  5GB Hard disk Space

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