Season Finals

Season Finals Sept 16, 2017

Game 1: 9:00 am

The Dons and the Bulldogs, who both shared the one seed for much of the regular season, met for the very first 2 out of 3 LVC season finals and it was a great game. The Dons trailed this one 7-2 in the 3rd after Bob Fass led off with a solo homer followed by 5 straight Bulldog singles. The first by Jared Bruno who was thrown out trying to stretch it into a double. Then Christian Hansen, Rich Heim, Mike Bedell and Temple Houston all single to load the bases, Pat Russo grounds to short but a throwing error sends the ball to short right field where 1st basemen Alex Conklin races back for the ball and guns out Temple Houston trying to score. Jason Benson singled to lead off the bottom of the 3rd for the Dons, followed by singles from Justin Mendelson and Austin Tarlow (who was tagged out going to second). Rich Cobuzio tripled in two runs, then bam, Alex Conklin drilled a line drive homer to left center to bring the Dons with one 7-6. Bruce Dostal doubled and scored in the 4th and the Dogs held a 2 run lead till the bottom of the 6th. The Dogs elect to walk the lead off batter Alex Conklin, then Don Trifari doubled and Mike Trifari delivered a key two run double off the left field fence and proceeded to third on an overthrow. Joel Orris singled in the go ahead run, then Nick Adams and Jim Laden both single to load the bases for Jeff Tarlowe who dribbles a run scoring single down the third base line to put the Dons up by 2. The Bulldogs load the bases in the top of the 7th but Nick Adams makes a nice play in the hole to get the final out and a game one victory of the Dons. Alex Conklin led the Dons going 2-2 with a walk and 3 RBIs. Mike Trifari and Rich Cobuzio each had 2 RBIs, while Don Trifari, Joel Orris, Frank Coppola and Jim Laden were all 2-3 for the Dons. Temple Houston led the Bulldogs with 3 hits and 2 RBIs.

Short Break for Breakfast BBQ

Game 2: 11:15 am

The Dons jump out to a 5-0 lead in the top of the 1st after lead off batter Austin Tarlowe walked, Alex Conklin (3-3, 5-5 overall) singled, Don Trifari doubled in the first run followed by a two run double by Mike Trifari, singles by Joel Orris, Frank Coppola and Jim Laden, then Jeff Tarlowe walked for run number 5. The Dons would put up 3 more in the 2nd on three straight doubles by Rich Cobuzio, Alex Conklin and Don Trifari. Then add 4 more in the 3rd to take a 12-0 lead. The Bulldogs add one in the bottom of the 3rd and 3 runs in the bottom of the 6th but the Dons continue putting on the hits, winning this one 21-4 to claim the 2017 Rich H Palmer Trophy. Alex Conklin led the Dons going 3-3 with 3 RBIs and was a perfect 5-5 on the day, while Austin (2-3) and Jeff Tarlowe (2-3) combined for 4 hits and 4 RBIs. Jim Laden was 3-3 while Rich Cobuzio, Don Trifari and Nick Adams were all 3-4 as the Dons combined for 27 hits. For the Bulldogs Bob Fass, Christian Hansen and New Guy Michael Bedell each had 2 hits.

All Star Game


We had a beautiful day for the July 4th LVC Softball Festivities and all other activities taking place at LVC.

For the HR Derby, We used Blue Dot Balls and participants were allowed to use juiced bats and choose the pitcher they wanted.

21 Softball Players competed, they were: (this list is not in the order they appeared or the # of HR’s hit)

Ralph Avallone
Joe Gianforte
Frank McNally
Eddie Russnow
Nick Adams
Alex Conklin
Greg George
Mike Metz
Clay Petry
Brad Bennis
Jeff Brooks
John Spielberger
Chris Walsifer
Dave Bornstein
Marty Eagan
Ryan Smith
Keith Blicht
Bob Fass – competed bare foot
Jon Weiner
Rick Beyer
Wally Kamienski

Most of the participants hit at least 1 HR.

Each participant was given 5 outs and the top 3 after the first round would progress to the Final Round

The top 3 were Keith Blicht (not easy hitting HR’s for the lefty) and Frank McNally with 4 each and Rick Beyer with 5, so the older group bested the younger, under 35 year olds.

In the finals both Keith and Rick hit 3 HR’s but Frank McNally, the oldest participant in the Derby came out the winner with 4 and I am sure he would have hit more, but we stopped him there. Kudos to his pitcher Lee Kornbluh for helping Frank get the big W in the HR Derby.

In the All Star Game Team Fedele beat Team Mach 12-7 in our All Star Standard 9 inning game. This was a very well-played and pitched game, with the score being very close for much of it. Mike Metz was named All Star MVP for his 3 hits and 5 innings pitched with only 2 earned runs, very difficult to do against the formidable lineup of Team Mach.

Congrats to the all the players named to the All Star Teams and thanks to all who participated in the HR Derby. Thanks to Lee and Jeff Axelrad for helping Umpire and to Ron Liebowitz for keeping score on the tablet and for all the families that came out to watch and shag balls during the HR Derby. I hope everyone enjoyed the July 4th Holiday.



Game Writeups

Week #3

Wednesday May 3rd - Mike Carver's Brooklyn Tigers vs Chuck Puleo's NJ Hitman -Headline: The idea is to Out score not just out hit the other team. Not a lot of soring in this game. After 3 innings Brooklyn was winning 3-1. The Hitman scored 3 runs in the 4th and that was enough to win 4-3. Brooklyn outhit the Hitman 13-11 but left more men on base 10-6.

Thursday May 4th - Ben Gabriel's Tampa Bay Bandits vs Jesse Ferro's Houston Gamblers. - Headline: Too little too late. Tampa Bay won Opening Day but have struggled since. And today it was no different. They were out hit 21-8 and lost 9-5 and never led. Those with 3 or more hits for Houston were Jason Crimmins, Chris Walsifer, Brian Kelly, and mgr Jesse Ferro.

Friday May 5th - Brad Bennis's Philadelphia Stars vs Pat Russo's NY Bulldogs -Headline: Too much cancelled.

Saturday May 6th - 9am game - Don Trifari's LA Dons vs Pat Russo's NY Bulldogs - Headline: Are these Dogs really that good? In the 6th inning The Dogs led off with 6 consecutive hits. Temple Houston and Dave Picon started it with singles, then the big dogs got in the action...Brian Godau, John Sanzone, and Bruce Dostal doubled. The Dons were lucky to get out of this allowing only 5 runs. With Dostal on 2nd Bob Fass hit a hard grounder to short which hit Dostal in the back = Dostal out Fass is awarded a single. The Dons got back into the game with 3 runs in the 4th, but the Dogs sealed the victory with another 5 runs in the 5th. Their Great Danes Jared Bruno and Christian Hansen both homered. The final score was Bulldogs 11- Dons 6.

Saturday May 6th - 10:30 game -The Generals vs The Newark Tornadoes. Headline: Bob Plishka was asked to return his Phil strong wristband. This was an embarrassing game for the Tornadoes as they were skunked 18 to 3. Newark managed only seven hits meanwhile the Generals had 22 hits. Manager Eric Rosenberg led with four hits. And for other players had three hits each.

Saturday May 6th - Noon game. -Philadelphia Stars vs The Hawaiians. This was another low-scoring game for the losers as the Stars only scored two runs... while the Hawaiians won 9-2. The Stars were only out hit 14 to 12. The big difference in the game was that the Stars left 10 runners on base versus only four for the Hawaiians. Rookie Dennis O'Dowd had a good game with three hits and two RBIs. The manager's father Kevin Petry knocked in four of the nine runs scored.

Sunday May 7th - 5pm - Mike Carver's Brooklyn Tigers vs Cliff Neukrug's Newark Tornadoes. Headline: Can Cliff's Tornadoes break out of their slump? Yes they can. The Tigers had 19 hits and scored 9 runs, which is enough to win most games. But not tonight as the Tornadoes had 26 hits and won 16-9. The Tigers were down only 11-9 going into the 7th inning. But the Tornadoes added 5 insurance runs in the top of the 7th. All 10 Tornadoes had at least one hit and 3 of them were 4 for 4...Dave & Bob Plishka and Lou Coppa.

Sunday May 7th - 6:30 pm - Ben Gabriel's Tampa Bay Bandits vs Chuck Puleo's NJ Hitman. Headline: How long does Ed Bitterle have to carry Rick Beyer? Too little too late for the Bandits who didn't score until the 5th inning. The Hitman won 10-6. Jeff Brooks knocked in 4 of the 10 runs. Tampa Bay won on opening day but not since.

Wednesday May 10th - 6:30 pm - Brad Bennis' Philadelphia Stars vs Eric Rosenberg's undefeated NJ Generals. Headline: Fireworks night. The Stars have scored only a total of 10 runs in their last 3 games. But tonight they busted out scoring 18 runs to shock the Generals 18-7. Manager Brad Bennis led the way with 2 home runs and 6 RBI's. All 11 Stars had at least 1 hit with Greg George a perfect 4 for 4.

Blasts from the past...what happened on this weekend in some of the past years:
• 2016 Seth Mendelson's Chico started the season batting 600 as a team.
• 2015 - With Mike Levine's Outlaws Ken Crimmins vacationing in Florida, Greg George pitched both Fri & Sat games and the Outlaws won both of them.
• 2014 - California's Chris Arena debuted as a pircher and the NY Giants like him winning 17-4. Kevin Koonjy grand slams as the Colt 45's mercy St. Louis 27-12. Angel pitcher CLiff Neukrug held Milwaukee to 9 hits and a 290 avg in their 6-2 win.
• 2013 - Lots of rain with only one game played on Friday. Plishka's San Jose Sharks had a feeding frenzy vs McNally's Nashville Predators winning 12-5.
• 2012 - Brian Cass hit 3 HR's for Dave Bornstein's Florida and Len Tarnoff had 2 HR's for Temple Houston's Missouri, who beat Florida 13-11...and the winning pitcher was Cliff Neukrug.
• 2011 - On Thur Dippold's Lions managed only 6 hits & a team 240 avg in a 6-0 loss to Ben Gariel's Marines. Chris Walsifer's Dragons lost 22-16 to Joe Gianforte's Buffaloes who batted 646. Career day for Lee Kornbluh...walk, 3 was a walk off single in the bottom of the 7th for an 8-7 Joe Gianforte's Buffalo win vs Joe Giordano's the battle of the "Joey G's."
• 2010 - In his 1st at bat, Bronco rookie Paul Whitman, just home from college, hit a 3 run HR. Another college rookie, Donnie Trifari, Jr. hit the 1st HR over that new “Dotterweich” net in the tennis courts…and it was a grand slam in Brian Quinn's Panthers 22-8 spanking of Todd Gregory's Bulldogs.
• 2009 - Dennis Shelley's Wheat King pitcher Bob Cy Young Plishka shuts out Pezzuti's Ice 6-0. The start of something new...for the 1st time in his 15 yr career, righty Brian Cass hits a HR into the tennis courts (more to come). Ed Russnow's grand slam helps Mark Armelino's Wolves slam Al Bernstein's Broncos 20-5.
• 2008 - A new record...all 16 of Rich Cobuzio'sTitans showed up to play John Stefanic's Giants. In the bottom of the 7th, Titan manager Rich Cobuzio broke up the 5-5 tie to beat the Giants 6-5. Missing pitcher Ken Crimmins for the 3rd straight game, Charger manager Mike Berry put George Yost on the mound against Mike McHale's Saints. George won the game 17-5 for the Chargers 1st victory.
• 2007 - On Friday night, George Kaminskyj and rookie John Sanzone were perfect 4 for 4's in Cliff Neukrug's SUNY Buffalo's 16-4 Ithaca bombing. Hadar Sieradzky's Ithaca rebounded Saturday when in extra innings, Dave Picon hit a walk off single to edge Tom Paradise's Seton Hall 10-9. Former Commish Dave Aach gets 3rd time a charm?
• 2006 - After 5 walks and a grand slam by Red Stripe mgr Tony Garrett, Longtrail pitcher Larry Wolfson gets the hook in the 1st inning.
• 2005 - Blueclaw pitcher George Cass gave up 16 runs in one inning against Seth Mendelson's Sand Gnats. Scott Savastano pulled his quad muscle attempting to catch a short fly...and his leg is now deformed (he'll let you feel it).
• 2004 - Cleveland Spider Bruce Dostal lined a single off NY Giants Pitcher Kevin Zabransky's a come from "behind" 7th inning 4-3 Spider victory.
• 2003 - Games were rained out
• 2002 - Towson's Doc Budd goes 3 for 3 with a double...that hasn't happened since the 70's.
• 2001 - Patriots power 5 HR's ...even Stan Britton got one (must have been an inside the park one)
• 2000 - Games were rained out
• 1998 - Gary Drillings does the alligator trying to reach home plate.

Week 2

Week 3

The Dons Put Down the Bulldogs 10-9 & 21-4 in Season Final. The Dons trailed 8-6 in the 6th when Mike Trifari doubled in 2, then Joel Orris & Jeff Tarlowe singled in 2 more. The Dons hang on to win 10-9. The Bulldogs roll over in game 2. (see story below)

Dons Rub-Out the Hawaiians 12-8 The Dons explode for 5 runs in the first after leadoff batter Austin Tarlowe doubles off the fence. The Hawaiians answered back with 4 runs in the bottom. Clay Petry (3-3) homered twice, the first tied the game at 7-7 in the 4th. But the Dons go up 8-7 on a double by Frank Coppola. Austin Tarlowe hits his first double into the courts for a run and Mike Trifari triples and scores to extend the Dons lead to 10-7 after 6. Alex Conklin led the Dons with 3 Hits and 3 RBI's.

Bulldogs Pound the Hitmen The Bulldogs pound out 22 hits including 8 doubles to silence the Hitmen 14-5. Len Tarnoff was 3-4 with 4 RBI's, John Sanzone 4-5 with 3 doubles and Paul (Bionic man) Martino was 3-4 batting righty and lefty for the Dogs. Bob Pezzuti was 2-2 for the Hitmen.

Hawaiians Reach Past the Stars Ryan Smith homered and collected 6 RBI's while Dave Bornstein, Nick Agnoli and Steve Horowitz each had 3 hits. Five Stars were 2-3 but Philly left 8 men stranded and lost this wildcard game 14-4. The... [more]