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All New Metrics, Efficiencies and Four Factors

Evolution 10.1 for BASKETBALL
The World's Most Advanced Live Scoring Software


"Coaches, if you need a great stat program with ability to webcast and track all the basketball metrics stats built-in, TurboStats is for you." 

- Jerry Mullen, Top National College Scout, 25 years

  • 25 Years of Statistical Experience

  • Outstanding Live Scoring, No App comes close

  • Easy to learn and use, train in minutes

  • Simple for youth or high school to advanced for college or Pro 

  • Score live, post-game or by video

  • Over 100 Statistics, Metrics, customizable efficiency and per minute stats

  • 3 ways to sub, drag, swipe or 1 click

  • New sorted "check-In" sub bar preselects subs, then just swipe them in

  • Advanced Metrics updated live

  • Game 4-Factors updated live

  • Tracks all your plays and defenses

  • Track offense with different point guard

  • Remote wireless play selector for coach

  • Webcast for free (1st year )

  • Free Team Website, 1-Click setup

  • 5 Player Combination Reports

  • Auto tag video while you score

  • New Shot Clock and Scoreboard  work on a Windows extended display
    (HDMI, USB or Wireless Display)

  • Guaranteed to be the best stat program you ever used or your money back!

Have Your Stats Available During a Live Game, No More Waiting 24-36 Hrs for Film Breakdown or Paying over $800 for a Stat Service.  Use Live Data to Help You Win!

Used by UCLA and other top schools
Used at the 2015 Top Junior College Showcase

Optional: Store All Your Tagged Game Video on your Computer and Watch tagged Video Anywhere.
No Internet Required

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How it Works

Live Scoring Training Video


sample animation of an earlier version

Customizable Active Player Display Options
New TurboSub:  Make Substitutions in 1 Click Photos Actual Rebound Percentage Rebounds-Opportunities

In Tally Mode enter all active players into the game for both teams.

Great for camps, practice or tournaments when keeping track of subs is difficult

Highlight any player and just tap any of the Stat boxes to increment by +1

No Subbing Required!

Note: Many metrics will not be available in tally mode including 5 player combination reports.

OPTIONAL Tally Mode Scoring  See Setting Up Tally Mode




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TurboStats Minimum System Requirements:  Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista & XP.  10 MB Disk Space.  

CyberLink Video Processing Requirements (Ultra Only):  Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista or XP SP2.  512 Ram for XP or 3GB Ram for 32 bit OS.  5GB Hard disk Space

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