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What's New in 11.0 Upgrade:  

EDIT: "Now you can edit any game event quickly and keep your play by play accurate


Check-in Substitutions: "Check-in" Substitutions break down subbing into into two steps, making live scoring easier than ever before. Simply tag players at the scorer’s table waiting to be subbed in, then when players come out of the game, just swipe their uniform number and the pre-tagged subs are inserted automatically. There's no need for a separate popup screen. It’s a tremendous time saver!


TurboDrive (cloud service) : TurboDrive allows coaches to backup and share their data with other coaches using the Cloud. It's a great way to synchronize your home and work machines. TurboDrive enables you to have complete control of your data so your opponents can't scout you online. We can also create a League or Tournament website on the Cloud.




Free Team Website: You can publish your roster, stats, schedule, team info, box scores and live webcasting all with the touch of a button. It’s fully customizable and you have the option to publish the statistics you want. You can also use it for fundraising by posting advertisements.

Shot Clock: Sound the buzzer horn for subs and use our shot clock buzzer sound effects (you can customize your own .wav files or use the defaults).


NEW: Live Game Box Score has an additional choice under Add Metrics to Add FG%.  Added pop ups to explain how the new Check-In Substitutions work.

NEW: Support numeric keypad for selecting play types.

NEW: Support numeric keypad for running shot clock and start/stop of the game clock.

NEW: Viewing of [Users Guides] on some machines with Adobe Reader.

Upgrades start at only $29.95 and work with all your existing data.


(Update is free for all 10.0 users. It won't affect your serial numbers or passwords)

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Upgrading Your Software:

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Current Version 10.0m
Older Versions
10.0K 10.0I


Downloading the update will not affect your existing data.
Close out of TurboStats before pressing [Unzip] after the file downloads.

see Download Instructions if you have any security problems downloading


What's NEW in each update:

10.0m: minor changes
Auto add plays to scouting if they are missing from the Plays Selection box if you share your data with other coaches.  remove the A B C D from the shot play if no options are picked.  Auto clear plays if prompt for Assist is turned off.

Lots of great new features:

  1. Now you can enter Putbacks made and missed without entering the shot location on the floor.  The Putbacks will show behind the basket.  You can turn this feature off or tap on the floor to enter a shooting location prior to tapping the [P][Made] or [P][Missed]buttons.
  2. Updated [Report Options] form with big buttons for each customizing of stat reports.  New Windows 10 look.
  3. Customize your stat grids in Live Scoring by setting your Font Size and background color.  No more yellow!
  1. New [1st] and [2nd] Period buttons in the Shot Chart viewer to displaying shot in first/second half
  2. Enhancements in the Stat Viewer for centering icons on MS Surface and other hi res displays
  3. Fix:  Shot chart printing doesn't drop the last player on the team roster
  4. Fix:  If you add players in the Live Game to the team on the left, you might not see the Bench if there were no players left on the bench.

NEW:  Now you can upload your playbooks using TurboDrive and allow your plays to be view over the Internet with password protection.  Playbooks can be viewed using the free trial copy of TurboStats 10 and the data will not be saved so you can protect your playbook and add more plays in the future.  Each time the user enters the playbook your latest update will download quickly and they will be prompted to enter your password (you make it up and it can be changed when you upload the playbook).  See the cloud icons in the toolbar under the playback menu to upload/download to the cloud. NEW: If you previously saved a sketch you will now see the [Load Sketch] button turn white when you are on that step.  NEW: Various enhancements to the playbook icon bar with better help and the Save button will now always appear even when the icon bar is in short mode. Fix:  Floor images have been increased for viewing on a hi resolution monitor like the Surface. Also fixed was a bug that effected playback of plays if you opened the game form while you were in playbook mode. NEW:  Support for viewing the Game Factors and stats, events or scouting in Live Scoring when you have room at the bottom of the page.  also Larger fonts for selecting between EVENTS, FACTORS and CLOSE on the stat windows in the live game form.

NEW:  Playbook with full screen mode and icon bar.  New features like YouTube style slider, Wide mode, Full court, NBA, NCAA, High School and International Floor styles and line.  Awesome graphics with wood and outdoor floors.  Saves and Loads your sketches too.  A great way to scout your opponent or draw up simple plays and recall them.  Whiteboard mode switches to a white board for easy markups and lock players so pens won't move them for easy sketches.  Use it during the game too on a tablet.  Tablets with an active stylus are awesome (Surface, Asus Note 8 and Toshiba Write 2) but your finger or capacitive stylus works well too.
FixMax Preps Export support new MaxPreps headers.

NEW: Playbook (10.0j)

NEW: Shot Chart Comparison Graph (10.0h)

NEW:  Shot Chart comparison graph to compare teams/players head-to-head (press [Post Online] button for easy access while live scoring.  Note: there is no way to post the shot chart online yet however you can make a .bmp file of the shot chart)
NEW:  Custom Floor styles to improve the look of the game shot chart
NEW:  Large and EX-Large shot chart X and O's in [Preferences]
NEW:  [Shot Chart] button under [Post Stats] for quick access during live game scoring
Fix:  Career Stats for older team databases showed FG% in the GS and MIN boxes

Enhancements to TurboDrive

NEW:  TurboDrive button on the main menu to backup and share team databases on the cloud
NEW:  TurboDrive Sync button for managing leagues to post webpages for schedules and standings
NEW:  TurboDrive Sync button to sync webpages for Rosters, Schedules, Stats and Game Boxscores

NEW:  Light vs Dark button in the Practice Planner
NEW:  Archive File format includes the 5 player combos file
NEW:  Option in preferences to hide the players who are not yet in the game from the Check-In Sub bar
Fix:  When using the <Browse> Button in the game form the correct team name is displayed

NEW:  Live Game Boxscore has an additional choice under Add Metrics to Add FG%. Added pop ups to explain how the new Check-In Substitutions work.

NEW:  Shot Clock with pop up controller see [ PREFS ] in Live Game to activate. Supports International number format in all forms and reports. 
NEW:  Support numeric keypad for selecting play types
NEW:  Support numeric keypad for running shot clock and start/stop of the game clock
NEW:  Sound buzzer horn button for subs and shot clock buzzer sounds effects (you can customize your own .wav files or use the defaults)
Fix:  The Print Current Game > Per Minute report now works properly
Fix:  Platinum version: play type clear after Putbacks and Unassisted baskets

10.0b:  Viewing of [Users Guides] on some machines with Adobe Reader

NEW: Customize your Floor and Shot Sizes

New!  TurboDrive: backup and share your data on the cloud

NEW: Pop-up Shot Clock with Horn button

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