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Older Updates

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Question: The total points scored does not include kick off and punt returns for TD. Answer: The total points scored stat combines all the types of reports that are shown in the same stat report window.  For example:  A rushing report alone show total points scored when rushing the ball.  A combined rushing/receiving report will show total points for rushing and receiving.  Turn off [x] seperate report in the Stat Filter to combine all reports to display an absolute Total Pts scored.

OLDER UPDATES:  Download Football 5.0 Update

Released version of 5.0d is now available for download

ver 5.0e

Supports tracking of Time Out in the Play by Play.  More Scouting Reports.  Supports Undo of Possession Time.  Added plays for Run Out of Bounds & Kneel

ver 5.0d

Fixed occassional scout screen popup on turnovers.  Fixed tracking of TO in team summary.

ver 5.0c

Added Stats and Scouting Reports.  Added Events button to maximize event grid.  Added Optional Auto Start/Stop clock on events.  Various live game scoring enhancements

Version 4.0 Upgrades

Released version of 4.0f is now available for download.  Click here for 4.0 update

ver 4.0f

Fixed problem with some punts coming up with 2nd down after the return.

ver 4.0e

Fixed problems when minimizing the Live Game Screen.  Error 300.

ver 4.0d

Added report for Score by Quarter.  
Added support for kickoffs and punts that go out of bounds with no return and touchbacks to prevent the user from having to move the ball to the 20.

ver 4.0c

Fixed problems with the playbook designer (hangs when opened and problems with rotating plays) due to 32 bit conversion.
Fixed Day of the Week in the game form

Version 3.0 Upgrades

to download the updated file "upgradef3.exe" ver 3.0c  >> CLICK HERE for 3.0 Update << (after the file is downloaded double click on it to uncompress and install the program)

New features in version 3.0

ver 3.0C

NEW LIVE GAME SCORING track both team graphically by moving the ball around the field and selecting plays, player, tacklers, etc.

Fixed importing of Extra Points in the live game POST STATS routine.
Fixed Career reporting counting TD's as 7 points instead of 6
Fixed lineup printing where two positions showed player as substitutes
Fixed Live game mode messing up the scores by period when players are pressed and now correctly talleys the scores
Fixed bug with tutorial


Version 2.0 Upgrades

to download the updated file "upgradef.exe" ver 2.0a  >> CLICK HERE for 2.0 Update << (after the file is downloaded double click on it to uncompress and install the program)

ver 2.0c : Added: Print All menu in Stat Viewer to quickly print all tabbed reports on one piece of paper if possible. Added: Page break button in Stat Viewer in lower right corner. Fixed: Win/Loss record in Team Form and points scored.  Fixed: Team Total Offensive Yards calculation. Fixed: Players missing from Kick Return reports . Added: Drops games from a players stat report if they have no stats in that category for the game.  Example: Kick return report will only show the game the player had a return.  To turn this off and show all games click [ ] "Hide players with zero stats"  in the Stat Filter.

ver 2.0b : Added: Rotate plays in the playbook section for ProSeries users.  Plays can now be created to animate up and down or left to right.

ver 2.0a : Added: Default font option in the Team form for all text boxes.  Fix: Crash in the Playbook when adding the first play to a new playbook file.

Version 1.0 Upgrades

ver 1.0a: 9/8/96

Fixed possessions and possession time in the Game Form. (Note: if you saved any games in version 1.0 you must resave the game for the game totals to be correct.  Just change anything on the game and change it back to save)

Fixed the wrong position file (came up with baseball positions). You must delete the file "positions.dat" in your football directory  (if you are using version 1.0) to correct this problem.  Then start up TurboStats for Football and it will create a new file for you.

Fixed average/game calculations (the values were doubled) for team totals

Does not display minimum values for sorting

Added more help when moving mouse over stat filter items ( also shows the calculation abbreviation in the help area)

Abbreviations are shown in the Stat Filter when the mouse is moved over the stat checkbox

Fixed printing of a single game box score

New : now you can track stats for individual plays and print report summaries by plays. (see sample team for example)

New: paper miser check box in the File>Page Setup screen.  Reduces confusion about printouts that don't automatically eject from the printer.  If the paper miser is checked then any one report that would have printed on multiple sheets of paper will wrap under the stats from the page previous and will eject from the printer after the report is printed.

ver 1.0b: 9/10/96  Fixed Quarterback Rating (tested with NFL stats.  It works fine now)

ver 1.0c: 9/12/96  New: calculates total points in reports.  New (key feature): check box to turn off all players in report with zero stats in the category.  (great for separating the offensive/ defensive / kickers etc from appearing in the wrong reports).  Fixed: tracking of the longest ( run, catch, pass, fg, kickoff, punt, etc ) stat.  Fixed: calculation of player totals.  Fixed FG%. 

ver 1.0d: (9/13/96).  Fixed the spelling of "Receiving" in the heading of the offensive stat reports.  Fixed league merge feature. Fixed crash in game form if "Game Mode" scoring was on and you clicked in the No of Possessions or Possession Time boxes (error item #6 not found).  Changed: Now allows entering possesion time in Minutes:Seconds format.

ver 1.0e: (9/27/96).  Fixed the long heading for PAT Attempts, PAT made, and PAT Blocked.  Fixed the calculating of a player's shortest kickoff and shortest punt and the team's shortest kickoff and punt.  Added the ability to include assisted tackles as 1/2 or 1 tackle in the total tackles calculation.  Fixed a problem creating reports if Kicking and Kick Returns are the only choices selected.  Fixed team totals in Game printouts.

ver 1.0f: Fixed a problem when printing stats with the "Page Break" turned off for the first few reports on the page.  If you then turned on the page break and then printed the stats for the last report,  the page would automatically eject from the printer but the last report would appear to the far right of the page or not at all.

ver 1.0G: ( 5/16/97 ) Fixed the forms display for Large Fonts ( in your Windows Display Options ). The text boxes did not line up correctly in many forms.

ver 1.0H: ( 6/26/97 ) Fixed the total field goals made and total points made if the display of Field goals >15, >25, >35, >45 were turned off in the reports.

ver 1.0i: ( 8/1/97 ) Fixed league merge

ver 1.0j: ( 9/11/97 ) Fixed display of individual penalties that were appearing in the wrong columns in the stat report. Fixed the ordering of the penalty stats and made minor change to the field layout screen to allow back to be directly behind QB.

ver 1.0K: ( 9/22/97 ) Fixed: The totaling of points in the "Multi Game Summary" for your team. Fixed: Compiling Multi Game Stat summaries when only one game was entered producted an error message that was fixed.

ver 1.0L: ( 10/26/97 ) Fixed: Heading for Kicking report now reads "Kicking Report" instead of Kick Return Report. Fixed game report with the options [x] hide players without stats in category now prints the players correctly. Fixed: If you did not enter any game notes the "Game Notes" line does not appear in the Game Summary reports.

Verision 1.0 is no longer supported as it is over 3 years old.  If you have any problems with version 1.0 you must upgrade to version 2.0.  See online order form.