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Latest 8.0 Update is Version 8.0c with Hudl support
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Version 8.0c


Support Issues

1. I can't see my video in the Media Viewer:
Different cameras record in different compression formats.  Each format may need its own translator called a Codec.  If you install the software that came with the video camera on your computer, it should install the correct codec on your computer.  If you switch computers you may have to install the codec files on the new computer.

How to Check your Video Codec Files:    Start> Control Panel> Sounds & audio devices (naturally)> Hardware tab> highlight "video codecs"> properties> the properties tab will list all your codecs;

1. Q. How do I print in landscape mode ?  A.  Use the File>Print > [Setup] menu

2. Q. How do I delete a player from game line up? A. use the menu Players > Remove from lineup

3. Q. How do I print multiple reports on one page ? A. Use File > Page Setup > click off the [ ] page break box.

4. Problem: I get an error message starting TurboStats "component threed.vbx or one of it's dependencies is not properly registered".  
Solution: Turn Off User Account Controls and Reboot  see instructions


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