TurboStats New Quick Score for Leagues and Tournaments

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

How to Enter and Change Rosters

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To open any roster for edit you can either..

  1. Open any game in the Quick Score schedule
  2. Or use the down arrows on both sides of the scoreboard to select the team


  1. Click the Roster button in the lower left corner
  2. Make changes, add photos,


  1. Press the SAVE icon if you are going to score the game later
  2. or Just score the game and the changes will post when the game is over

Set Game Preferences

Open any game or just start with a blank game

  1. Click the Preferences (gear icon)
  2. Set the number of quarters or halves. Scoreboard time, fouls and more.

Scoring a Game

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To open any game or just start with a blank game

  1. Check rosters and add/remove players not at the game.  Note: removing players won't drop them off the team.
  2. We recommend that you start the clock on the jump ball even if you don't intend to keep the actual time.
  3. If you have Sub Mode on, set the clock time prior to making subs to keep accurate playing time.
  4. Click either the player number then event, or click the event and then the player number on the pop up screen.
  5. END GAME when the game is over will post the stats and team leaders automatically

Scoring on Paper Scoresheets

Quick Score Scoresheet (PDF)

We always recommed you score live if possible. However if you are keeping the official score with the pop up scoreboard, have wifi issues or you don't have a spotter, you can track just points in Quick Score and have someone else record rebounds, assists, steals, etc on paper.  Optionally you can track the entire game on paper and enter the box score stats later. Then, when the game is over, just enter those numbers in the box score. The Quick Score scoresheet allows you to record the stats in the same order that they are entered into Quick Score for faster post game data entry. Scoring live creates instant box scores, play by play and leaders to create an improved fan experience, so always try to live score the game if possible.