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Easy to Learn Animated Playbook


Drag players into position, press Save 

TurboStats ProSeries includes our Animated Playbook where you can draw all your plays, show multiple passing options, and animate them so your team can be better prepared for game day.  Post your playbook on our TurboDrive and your players can view them over the Internet with password protection.  Just move your players in each step, and TurboStats automatically creates the lines and arrows.  It's so easy to learn and use.  You can even freehand sketch and save your markups.  Great for live games and scouting too!  Use it during timeouts to display plays and draw on the whiteboard.  Easily set uniform number to players too.  Now with over 40% more viewing area and 4 different court sizes, High School, College Men's, NBA and International.

Basketball Playbook Program

Easy To Use * Mirror Plays * Multiple Pass Options * Multiple Playbooks * Automatically Draws Lines and Arrows * Use Player Uniform Numbers



Video showing our 9.2 playbook for training purposes

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