The Next Generation of Stats, Video, Scouting & Playbooks


The World's Most Advanced Football Live Scoring Software Provides Live Scouting and Breaks Down Film while you Score
FINALLY! Virtually Eliminate All Post Game Video Tagging and Create Situational and Highlight Videos Right After the Game or Half
Export play by play to Hudl and save hours of data entry time.

Outstanding Live Scoring

Easy to Learn Animated Playbook Live Scouting Practice Planner

Full Video Editing

3 Ways to Score

  • Score Live on any Windows Tablet, Laptop, Ultrabook, Netbook or Desktop PC

  • Score from Video with Integrated Clock Control, Instant Replay and Automatic Video Tagging

  • Enter Data Post Game from Scoresheets in minutes

No Internet Connection Required to Live Score

Works on the New Microsoft Surface 3
see hardware

NEW!  in 7.0

  • Edit Button changes any event or inserts/deletes events

  • Import games scored on another computer

  • Export play-by-play to CSV to import into Hudl TM

  • Search Button to find events

  • XML Output and Live Webcasting available

  • Free posting of box scores and team statistics online

  • Supports 100, 110, 90, 80 and 50 yard fields

  • Supports portrait and landscape modes

  • More stats like QB Hits and Laterals

  • Tracks plays called back due to penalties

  • TurboScout View graphical tendencies, quickly sketch plays, take notes, view/print tendency reports and link to scouting data while you score

We Put Winning at Your Fingertips!

"After each game, we devoted hours transferring the play-by-play data into the HUDL site to match each video clip.  Now with Turbostats, I can upload an entire game’s series of plays with one click." - Tom Myers MMU Vermont

Score Live and View Live Data on Wi-Fi Networked Tablets for Live Scouting and In-Game Decisions.
Automatically updates down and distance from the live scoring machine and displays stored scouting tendencies for quick in-game decision making.

Football Live Scoring

Automatically Upload Live Data to Webcasting, MaxPreps or Hudl

Blows away iPad Scoring apps or your Money Back!
Shown on the $199 Dell Venue Pro - 32GB.  Runs on the $79 Winbook tablet. See "Hardware" for more tablet choices (image not to scale)

"Just wanted to thank you for creating and marketing such a fine product.  I started using TurboStats for Football this season for the first time, and am amazed at how easy it was to catch on to.  After 3 weeks of doing stats by hand, then entering them into TurboStats later, I tried scoring a game live.  Everything went perfectly!  I was actually bored at halftime, waiting for the second half to start.  Once again, thanks for a great product."  
- Dave Thomas, Hedgesville, WV

  • The most advanced and easiest to use live scoring screen available

  • IntelliTap display technology automatically selects plays and outcomes based on field taps

  • Pop up numeric keypad quickly looks up uniform numbers and enters yardage

  • Full game box score available anytime during the game by quarter, half or final

  • Automatically Tags Video while you Score

  • Sort Video Clips by Events/Players

  • Automatically Create Highlight Films with CyberLink PowerDirector

  • Automatically upload videos to private or public YouTube and Facebook sites

  • Exchange Game Film Online

The World's Fastest Video Editor"

  • Remotely View Live Games on iPads & Android Tablets/Phones 
    (requires a Windows PC host)
    Dual View

  • Print NCAA Style Box Scores

  • Add/Import Players Upfront or On the Fly 

  • Post Data to MaxPreps

  • Lifetime or Annual Subscription Pricing

Tendencies Update Live 

Utilizes Current Game Data
and Past Games

"Using TurboStats was a tremendous asset to our Mt. Mansfield Union High School varsity football team.  It was a great tool while on the sidelines and then saved me hours of post-game work.  Prior to using this software, we recorded all our plays and stats on paper.  After each game, we devoted hours transferring the play-by-play data into the HUDL site to match each video clip.  Now with Turbostats, I can upload an entire game’s series of plays with one click.  While on the field, the “Live Scoring” tool was highly efficient.  After loading our team’s roster, our O and D plays, and our opponent’s information, the drop-down scoring menu provided a very fast way to score a game on the fly.  This was especially important when running a hurry-up offense”. TurboStats also ran a game clock and automatically moved the ball after each penalty.  It was a pleasure to use and I look forward to using more of the systems tools next season!”  - Tom Myers MMU Vermont


  • Display tendencies graphically after each play and utilizes data from the current game

  • Scout teams and use an unlimited number of games for live decision making

  • Use your own terminology for plays, formations and defense

  • Filter by current down, distance, location (ball on), play, formation, defense and score

  • Selecting the formation will quickly refresh the on screen tendency display

  • Broadcast tendencies wirelessly to coaches using tablets or cell phones 

  • Turns most Windows 7 tablets, laptops, or ultrabooks into a free mobile hotspot, linking your wireless phones and tablets with a low cost app.  No need for expensive 3G wireless data plans or routers.  Your network travels with you, home, away, even on the bus 

        Videos Scouting and Highlights

"PowerDirector 9 Ultra is the fastest consumer editing software we've seen." - PC PRO 
  • Virtually eliminates film breakdown time

  • View Hi-Def Video Instantly, without Buffering.  No Wifi or 3G Required!

  • Filter plays and create highlight videos for any player or event right after the game or at halftime

  • Tag plays for highlight reel and coaching review easily while you score

  • Create game highlight videos & upload to YouTube or Facebook - minutes after the game

  • Automatically creates video timelines project files based on play-by-play filters

  • Processes filtered & tagged clips into full featured video editor projects for professional results

  • Ultra Edition includes CyberLink, a top rated video editor for DVD, Blu-ray and MPG4 output

  • Process tagged clips into videos with "The World's Fastest Video Editor"

  • Automatically uploads videos to your FREE YouTube or Facebook pages

  • Create private and public videos easily without the need to register players with new passwords

  • No more time wasted tagging game videos the next day

  • Why spend thousands of dollars per year to post your videos online when you can use Facebook or YouTube for Free. Your players are on Facebook already so setup is easy!


  • Easy to use Animated Playbook with formation database

  • Practice Planner

  • Create 1st, 2nd and 3rd team depth charts

  • Completely redesigned interface for tablets, laptops, ultrabooks and netbooks

  • Fully customized reports for any player (game-by-game), team or opponent

  • Complete career stats automatically updated after each game

  • Supports multiple field sizes including 110, 100, 90, 80 and 50 yards

  • Now supports balls kicked and run out of the end zone

  • Import rosters from MaxPreps to TurboStats

  • Export stats from TurboStats to MaxPreps

  Partners with MaxPreps
Runs directly on any Windows Tablet, Laptop, Netbook or UltraBook (see hardware)
Runs well on a Mac with VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop
Runs well as a client on an iPad/Android Tablet with Splashtop (PC required)


Change any stat New "EDIT MODE" in 7.0 Add/Insert Events

Also a great scouting tool
Runs Great on a Windows Tablet, Laptop, Netbook or UltraBook
Runs well on a Mac with VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop
Runs well as a client on an iPad/Android Tablet with Splashtop (PC required)

TurboStats for Football Runs Stand-Alone on All These Windows Computers 
Your Complete Season and Career Data, Video For All Your Games, All in One Place, No Hotsyncing, No Slow Buffering Video
Desktop PC Windows Tablets Laptop Netbook Convertible Tablet



Window 7 or 8

Parallels Desktop/Fusion

Supports iPad* & other Media Tablets with Dual View so two users can score or a coach can view/edit statistics on another tablet during a live game

  * Dual View mode requires a PC, Laptop or Tablet running Windows 7.  TurboStats is a large "Application" not an app and must be run on a Windows PC.


NEW! Windows 8 Tablets, Convertibles and Touch Screen Ultrabooks
Score on the Only Tablets Designed for Data Entry
Active Digitizers Blow Away Capacitive Screens Like the iPad for Live Data Entry
Dell Venue 8 Pro
8 Inch Screen

Top Pick under $200

 Microsoft Store

Asus Note 8
 8 Inch Screen

Wacom digitizer pen included, stores in tablet

Dell Venue 10 Pro
10.1 Inch Screen

Top Pick under $350

32GB, Detachable Keyboard, Full size USB, MicroHDMI, excellent digitizer pen

$329 at Dell

Highly Recommended
Microsoft Surface 3
10.8 Inch Screen

Top Pick under $500

starting at $499

Great Choice
pen sold separately

Toshiba Encore Write
8 &10

starting at $349

ONLY! $199 plus $29 digitizer
8" screen.

ONLY! $269 includes high accuracy digitizer pen Starting at $320
Tested at TurboStats
Available at
Staples and Best Buy
wacom stylus included
Pen - Average Pen - Better Pen - Excellent Pen - Excellent Pen- Average
Rating Excellent
optional cover & pen
Rating Above Avg Rating Excellent
optional keyboard avail
Rating Excellent
optional keyboard dock
7" in Display
priced about $69


Full size USB and micro htmi port, nice screen

Microsoft Surface Pro
10.6 Inch Screen

TOP PICK under $800

Microsoft Store

also available at 
Best Buy and Staples


ASUS VivoBook
X202E with i3 processor
does not run on VivoBook RT

touch laptop


Lenovo Yoga 13
13 Inch Screen

does not run on Yoga 10

Lenovo Twist

Lenovo X230T


Starting around 7" $69 16GB
$149 10', 32GB
Starting at $799   B&H $469 Starting at $999
Available at Best Buy
Starting at $746
Touch Only Pen and Touch Touch Only Touch Only Touch Only
Great for multiple coaches i5 Processor great for processing Video too      
*NOTE: Runs on Windows 8 and Windows 8 PRO.  DOES NOT RUN ON WINDOWS RT
This software will not run on the Microsoft Surface RT tablet. It will run on Surface Pro.


TurboStats can be Viewed Simultaneously on these Devices
PC Running Splashtop Remote Desktop Required.  See Splashtop

Kindle Fire

Nook Color

iPad & iPad2

HP TouchPad

Android Tablet

Remote PC

iPhone iTouch Android 


The future of Football Scouting is here...

Introducing TurboScout for Football
Live Tendency Tracking System (LTTS)

Live Updated Scouting Reports
during the game

Displays updated tendencies
fast using data from the current game plus scouted games.
Displays # of plays run to all holes and passing areas graphically for quick decision making.
Quick Draw feature allows fast play sketching during the game with stylus pen.

Updates 4 different reports instantly after every play.  Report choices include:

  • Play Type
  • Graphical Playbook Sketches
  • Ball Carrier/Receiver
  • Play by play events
  • Formation
  • Defense/Blitz
  • Situational Notes
Fast editing of formations allows selecting predefined formations or quick tapping to turn positions on/off.
Score Mode allows game to be scored directly in TurboScout for creating on the fly plays, formations and situational game notes. 
Games can also be scored split screen in the LiveScore screen for more robust live scoring.

Football Live Scoring

Competitive Advantage


Filter data by:

  • Down
  • Distance
  • Field Location
  • Formation
  • Defense
  • 2 Minute Offense
  • Red Zone
  • Goal Line
Printable scouting reports by 1st, 2nd (long, med, short), 3rd (long, med, short), and 4th Down. Plus 2 Minute, Red Zone and Goal Line.
Auto mode updates down, distance, score, time and team with ball based on current live scoring data.
Split screen mode allows the TurboStats live scoring screen (see below) and TurboScout to be displayed simultaneously on laptop or tablet.
Broadcast Data to other coaches using other tablets with the included wifi hotspot.
No Internet Access is Required
TurboScout (Local) is included in the Platinum and Ultra Editions

 Include Data from Scouted Games


Advanced Tendency Settings

  • Choose data from previously scored or scouted game
  • Set +/- distance
  • Set Ball On +- range
  • Select from an unlimited number of scouted games
  • Filter by Down, Distance, Ball On, Formation, 
    Score (ahead-behind-tie)
  • Selecting Formation immediately updates Display
  • Fully custom play names
  • Separate playbook for both teams
  • Turns your Windows 7 or 8 laptop or tablet into a wifi hotspot so you can connect a tablet or smart phone and view tendencies live with a low cost app

View the Live Tendency Training Video

On-Field Tendency Display

Automatically updated / Includes scouted games

Create Highlight videos right after the game

Video Has Never Been Easier

Watch scouting videos

Note:  If you need a copy of your game film that has all the extra time between plays removed you can create this video easily using the CyberLink PowerDirector.  Just press Produce Video without setting any filter options and all plays will be included without the time between plays.  If you upload your video to a web service that automatically breaks down film into individual plays, this option will work for you as well.


Windows Tablets have SD Card Slots

Automatically Syncs with Your Video Camera

  • Insert your SD camera card or USB cable

  • Select your camera type and SD drive

  • TurboStats automatically locates the clips

  • Select one clip for each quarter

  • Press [COPY ALL] to copy videos to computer or Play video directly from SD card

  • Clips are renamed to reflect game and qtr

  • Original video is untouched on card

  • Set +/- delay to sync play timer and video

  • Play clips or modify start/stop times or rating

Filter/Produce Video Projects

  • Filter by one or more categories

  • Filter by down, distance, play, formation, 
    defense, quarter, team, player, yards, rating

  • Example shown: All plays from 
    Formation: Shotgun to: Mike Devito

  • At halftime, see how the defense is lining up against your different formations. Make game-time adjustments, don't just talk about it the next day

  • Press SEARCH to locate all plays

  • Press PLAY ALL to view plays

  • or PRODUCE VIDEO to create a CyberLink project file which will automatically load CyberLink and load your new project

  • Press PRODUCE in CyberLink and create a YouTube, Facebook, DVD, MP4, etc video

  • Video will be produced at an amazing speed because CyberLink is "The World's Fastest Video Editor"



Media Player included with the Ultra Edition


Great for scouting from film and building tendencies

Score from Video with Platinum or Ultra

Instant replay plus automatically tags video

Controls the video while you score.  Camera is not required for playback.
Automatically Tag Video Clips during Scoring
Automatically Start/Stop the Clock with Video

  • Extended Desktop Scoring
    • Plug in TV HTMI cable and set windows for extended desktop

    • Project Video to TV with Wireless Display on Windows 8 tablets

    • Drag Video screen to the extended desktop and Expand

    • Control video with Live Game controls for outstanding Integration

    • No video camera required because the video is playing on the computer

    • Includes 7 second instant replay that automatically adjusts the clock

*Note: Tablet/Laptop or Desktop must have HDMI port or RGB Port if the TV is equipped
Shows with an HP Slate which contains an HTMI connector in the Docking Station and two USB ports


Easy to Learn Animated Playbook

Drag players into position, press Save 

Football Live Scoring

Easy To Use * Mirror Plays * Multiple Playbooks * Automatically Draws Lines and Arrows

A quick way to plan your practices

Practice Planner
It's time to get organized

Automatically adjusts minutes or end times

Sample Report

Box Scores and Drive Summaries

Create by quarter, half or final

Player, Team, Game and Career

Fully Custom Reports

over 200 statistics


Team Report


Import rosters from MaxPreps or Excel

Unlimited Teams

Customize to your team's colors

Import Rosters from MaxPreps and Excel (comma separated) Files

Quick add/edit

Enter Unlimited Games

Conference vs Non-conference


Included with the Complete Edition and higher
Expand to display up to three groups of statistics at one time
Enter manually from score sheets or import from Live Scoring

  • Pay one low annual price
  • Free viewing for all your fans
  • Html viewing with no refreshing required
Live WebCasting

Requirements:  TurboStats Live or higher plus:
$45 to register with and
$29 TurboStats annual fee*
(*$29 fee is waived the 1st year for "Lifetime" purchases
and included with TurboStats annual subscriptions)

Frequently Asked Questions


Does TurboStats work with Hudl?


Yes.  TurboStats uploads all live scoring information including down, distance, play, formation, defense, rusher, receiver, tacklers and more to Hudl so you do not have to spend the time breaking down film the next day.  Use the Live menu and select Export to Hudl and follow the instructions to import the data.


We use Hudl to upload our videos to our team site.  Can TurboStats Video work with Hudl?


Yes.  You can upload your video to Hudl the same way you do now.  You can also import your live data into Hudl and save hours of post game.  You can also download a processed mp4 video from Hudl for scouting purposes and import this video into TurboStats to use our Score by Video app and TurboScout.  This way you will have scouting data available while you are scoring your live game in TurboStats.


Does TurboStats track Career Stats?


Absolutely.  Career stats are automatically tracked when you import players from year to year.


Does TurboStats work on an iPad?


TurboStats does not run on an iPad but can be viewed on an iPad with the Splashtop or VNC remote software app.  New 7" Windows tablets like the Winbook TW700 cost about $69, far less than an iPad mini.  Windows based tablets can be networked and support active digitizer pens that are just about 100% accurate and your hand can touch the screen without accidentally making a selection.  You can also score with gloves when the weather gets cold.  Plus an iPad does not have an SD card slot so forget about live video integration.  You can't put a camera card into your iPad and get instant video at halftime.  We support iPads and Android tablets for remotely viewing the live data only and TurboStats can turn your PC/Windows tablet into a mobile hotspot so you can connect your devices at home and away games easily.


How does TurboStats video compare with a web based solution?


Well first off, TurboStats is a real time system and all the video is synced live. Other companies are scrambling to try to duplicate this feature but since it took us over 5 years to develop our live game system, it will probably take them a while.  All the video runs on the local machine, since PCs support the same SD memory cards as used in the video cameras, so it's very FAST.  Even with Hi-Def video.  You don't need a wifi or 3g connection to view video so you can watch it on the bus or on a plane and you don't have to pay data fees to watch your own video.  Most PC Laptops, Tablets or Ultrabooks have enough disk space so you can keep your entire season's game film on one computer and with the CyberLink software you can quickly produce highlight videos for your players that you can post for free on MaxPreps, YouTube or Facebook or any website you have permission.  CyberLink can also process video into much smaller Mp4 files so you can put your entire season on one SD card.  You can easily produce tendency videos of your opponents and post them online for your team to view.  A Facebook or private YouTube account works great and can save your program thousands of dollars per year by ditching your web provider.  If you use Hudl you can export your game video to an MP4 file for the complete game and import that into TurboStats Platinum or Ultra to score by video or scout an opponent.  You can also export your play into Hudl and save hours of post game time while having the best onfield scoring and scouting system available.


Can TurboStats create recruitment videos for our players?


Yes.  The great thing about it is you can filter your clips by player, yards, events such as touchdowns, etc and even mark clips as Highlights while you score the game.  This way you can quickly make a tape for any player and burn a DVD or post it to YouTube, Facebook or MaxPreps for free.  You can literally post a highlight film of the game on YouTube/Facebook/MaxPreps within a half hour after the game is over.  A great way to promote your program and draw more fans to your games. TurboStats also works with Hudl and other online video systems and provides live game viewing and league standings with and other partners.


Does TurboStats offer Training classes?


No, there is actually no need for them.  Our software is very easy to learn and use and most coaches just use it right out of the box without a manual.  With over 20 years of experience our software engineers have figured out how to make very user friendly software with useful tips built in.  Since our programmers also provide the tech support,  they are motivated to make things easy to understand.

 Have a question not listed here?  Contact us at or call our sales line at 1-800-607-8287


Partners with


TurboStats Minimum System Requirements:  Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP (see HARDWARE).  10 MB Disk Space.  

CyberLink Video Processing Requirements (Ultra Only):  Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP SP2.  512 Ram for XP or 3GB Ram for 32 bit OS.  5GB Hard disk Space

MaxPreps is a registered trademark of CBS MaxPreps, Inc., a CBS Company.  CyberLink PowerDirector is a trademark of CyberLink Corp.
Hudl is a registered Tradmark of Agile Sports Technology Inc.

All Screens Copyright TurboStats Software Company 1992-2014